Firestone Audio Mass Remote Control Preamp

A Bargain Digital Stereo Preamp with Remote Control  

Mass is a pre-amplifier that can be remotely controlled. With the infrared remote controller, you can easily turn it on/off, switch between inputs, and adjust the volume. The panel is made of semi-transparent acrylic with an LED display. The Texas Instruments PGA2310 volume control IC provides accurate volume adjustments and prevents you from encountering the volume imbalance caused by the degradation of the analog VR component. 

  • Circuit design: Infrared pre-amp
  • Power: SMPS with soft on
  • Control: Hibernate, On, Volume up/down, Input selection, Mute
  • Gain: -95.5dB to 31.5dB
  • Control Chip: TI - PGA2310
  • Circuit protection: short-circuit protection, overload protection
  • SNR (1kHz, A-Weighted) : -107.5dB
  • THD : 0.0018%C
  • Crosstalk : -100.0dB
  • Output: 1 set of RCA
  • Input: 2 sets of RCA 
  • Country of Origin: Taiwan

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Jiřina Krulová

Excelent quality