Luft Cube Portable Filterless Air Purifier

Breathe the fresh air wherever you are!

What is LUFT Cube?

LUFT Cube is the 2nd generation LUFT Air Purifier. It is compact and consumable-free and is capable of neutralizing pollutants, odors, allergens, and toxic chemicals and convert them into water and carbon dioxide. LUFT Cube removes harmful substances around you and helps you breathe cleaner air anytime, anywhere!

What Makes LUFT Cube Special?

Thoughtfully designed for a healthy lifestyle, the LUFT Cube integrates innovative technologies with a minimalistic design to connect you with good air, no matter where you are. Our Cube’s motto is no more maintenance, no more filter replacements, and no more charging batteries.


The Purifying Process: Decompose + Neutralize

The Patented Solid-State Photocatalysis Purification (SPP) Nanotechnology is the core of LUFT Air Purifiers. Pollutants are broken down into harmless molecules by Super Oxygen Substance and Super Free Radicals formed on the photocatalyst’s surface when UVA activates the nano-reactor LED light.

Check the below tests and find out how LUFT Cube go against fungus, bacteria, and formaldehyde.

How does LUFT compare to HEPA?

LUFT Cube neutralizes epidemic aerogels, pathogens. HEPA only traps them.

LUFT Cube decomposes formaldehyde. HEPA does not.

Verified by 3rd Parties laboratories.


Where to Use LUFT Cube?

LUFT Cube works well within a variety of surroundings.

The compact size can easily fit into your bag for portability. The elegant appearance makes it seamlessly blend into your personal space.

The mobile power source allows you to take it wherever you spend your time. Purify the air around you all day long! LUFT Cube costs less than $2 per year to operate. It is very energy efficient.


User-Friendly Touch Control

LUFT Cube is easy to use. There is only one button on the device it and the control are very intuitive.

First, plug the USB-C cable into LUFT Cube for the power supply. You can connect it to a USB port on the PC, a power bank, or an adapter. The universal compatibility enables the ultimate portability of the LUFT Cube.

Then, touch the on/off button, and LUFT Cube activates in the full speed mode. Touch it again, and LUFT Cube goes into the slower mode for quieter operation and lower brightness. Touch the button again and LUFT Cube turns off.


Anti-bacterial Metal mesh - Easy to remove and clean

A simple wash is enough for your LUFT Cube to get back to work! The Anti-bacterial Metal Mesh can be cleaned within seconds.


Quiet operation: Lower than 25dB. 

LUFT Cube keeps the air clean quietly while you sleep.


Directional Air Vent Cap

The air vent cap is a standard LUFT Cube accessory. It is for directing the airflow to the desired direction and it is also fine to use LUFT Cube without it. 


Car Cup Holder

The Car Cup Holder is a standard accessory for you to use LUFT Cube in the car conveniently.



Customer Reviews

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Hayley Jones

Works perfect! the inside glow is pretty cool. Love the compact size. Cords are basic. The cup attachment is super useful too.