YPL TL-1 Bluetooth Speaker

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What speakers do you need in a bedroom? 

That depends. If you're lucky enough to have a big bedroom, you may opt to put regular floor standing speakers or bookshelf speakers on stands into it. But most of the time, there is limited space in a bedroom, and the speakers you need will be compact and capable of producing a good sound on the nightstands or bedside tables. 

YPL TL-1 is one of the best bedroom speaker solutions. It features two 2.5" full-range drivers on the left and right to produce the stereo sound. The speaker is bass-reflex design, and the class AB 30W amplifier drives the drivers. If you need more bass, there is one sub out for connecting to the subwoofer. The white piano glossy finishing with curves makes TL-1 very modern and stylish.

The simplest way to use TL-1 is to play through Bluetooth. Simply pair it with your phone, and you are ready to play quality music. There are also one set of RCA and one optical input for connections to different sources. The USB input can be used with USB sticks with music files. TL-1 comes with a remote controller for convenient usage. The volume control is done digitally for more accurate adjustment. 

TL-1 can produce warm and mellow midrange. It is very suitable for background music playback, especially for smooth vocals. When you are reading in your bedroom or chatting with your lovers, TL-1 can be the best companion.


    'Great companion for a musical lifestyle.'



    Drivers: 2.5" Full Range x 2
    Frequency response: 72hz-20khz
    Power supply: 18.5V / 3.5A / 100-240V
    Inputs: Bluetooth, AUX, Optical, USB stick
    Output: Sub out
    Dimension: 265×110×180mm 
    Weight: 2.5kg
    One set/ 6pcs
    Country of Origin: Taiwan

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