Firestone Audio Living Integrated Amp

A compact high performing desktop integrated amp! 

Living Amp is a high-efficiency Class-D amplifier that has 20W output for each channel. The tiny size is space-saving and the aluminum case can provide good noise shielding for internal components. The simple design of Living Amp ensures natural and clean sound!

  • Circuit design: Class D
  • Gain: 20dB
  • Output: 8 ohms/ 20W (1% THD)
  • Circuit protection: short-circuit protection, over-voltage, under-voltage protection,  temp protection
  • Main Amplifier Chip: TI - TPA3121D2 *2
  • Output: a pair of banana plugs
  • Input: 1 sets of RCA 
  • Power input: 19V/3.42A DC adapter
  • Weight: 678g
  • Net Weight: 316g
  • Size(H*W*D): 308mm * 201mm * 65mm
  • Net Size: 107mm * 80mm * 53mm
  • Country of Origin: Taiwan
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