Booom BWS01 Wireless Stereo System

Wireless audio system for commercial spaces

BWS01 developed by Booom is the ideal background music playback solution for coffee shops, small stores, small office, or gyms. It consists of Transmitter and Receivers for wireless audio signal transmission. Transmitter is used for delivering audio signal received from sources like smartphones, laptops or players to Receiver. Receiver comes with an built-in power amplifier to drive passive speakers. One Transmitter can pair up to 40 Receivers. This means you can adjust the number of Receivers based on the size of your space and the amount of speakers you need. When moving to a different location of bigger size, you can just add more Receivers and speakers while keep using the same BWS01 system. 

Avoid speaker wiring problem

When a store owner need to install the music playback system for a commercial space, the biggest problem is oftentimes "speaker wiring." To setup a traditional audio system in a mid-sized space that can occupy 100-200 people, it requires significant length of the speaker wires to hook up all the speakers. It also demands big amplifiers that have high power outputs to compensate the power loss caused by long wiring. Big amplifiers cost more and consume more electricity. Sometimes, interior modification and construction is needed to properly install the speaker wires. This increase the complexity and total cost of the audio system as well. BWS01 is developed to overcome this speaker wiring problem and provide easier audio system setup for small and mid-sized commercial spaces. 

Proprietary transmission protocol with ultra low latency

BWS01 uses 2.4G and 5.8G spectrum for signal transfer. The protocol Booom adopts is not the commonly used Bluetooth or Wifi. Instead, Booom developed their own proprietary protocol that can avoid interference with other Bluetooth and Wifi devices. 2.4G and 5.8G spectrum on BWS01 can be backup signal to each other and auto switch when disconnection occurs. The latency of BWS01 is ultra low at only 20ms. This enables you to play lag-free videos without experiencing unsync pictures and sound. During the ISE exhibition in Amsterdam 2019, BWS01 maintained superb connection quality in the crowd while many other Wifi devices encountered severe delay thanks to the proprietary protocol.

Choose your own speakers

Recevier of BWS01 comes with built-in class D amplifier and is powerful enough to drive most speakers that are mid to high efficiency. You may choose speakers ranging from full-range ceiling speakers to bookshelf speakers. It's all up to your own preferences.


(BWS-01- A)
Dimensions : 215(W) ×40(H) ×94(D) mm
Weight : 0.85kg(1.87 lb)
Finish : Case:aluminum / Color:black
(BWS-01- B-H)
Power Output: 60W
Output select: L/R switch
Dimensions : 120(W) ×40(H) ×94(D) mm
Weight : 0.6kg(1.32 lb)
Finish : Case:aluminum / Color:black
(BWS-01- B)
Power Output: 15W + 15W
Output select: Mono/Stereo Switch
Dimensions : 120(W) ×40(H) ×94(D) mm
Weight : 0.6kg(1.32 lb)
Finish : Case:aluminum / Color:black
Country of Origin: Taiwan

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