Cambridge Yoyo (M) Wireless Speakers


There’s no disguising that (M) was made by Hi-Fi engineers. Yes, a one box speaker is practical and space efficient, but from a sound perspective this is a compromise. Recorded music is mastered to be heard in stereo, and for that you need two speakers. Which is why we’re introducing L+R channel into the world of portable Bluetooth speakers.

Cambridge Audio YOYO M Speakers Light Grey


Every box of (M)s includes two speakers so you get 2 x full range drivers and 2 x subwoofers to deliver stereo sound in incredible stereo quality.


Connect any Bluetooth device for high quality wireless audio. Built-in high quality microphone lets you make and receive calls using the speakers. Useful for group chats and keeping hands free.

Gesture Control

The touch sensitive control panel also features gesture control. So you can swipe your hand across the panel from left to right for play and and right to left to pause, without pressing any buttons.

USB Charging

As much as we love our smartphones, the battery life often lets us down. So we’ve included a USB charging port so even when you’re not plugged into the mains you can top up your phone’s battery.

Battery Life

A pair of (M)’s will see you safely through a massive 24 hours of portable, unplugged playback in stereo sound.

British Fabrics from Marton Mills

We wanted Yoyo to deliver British Sound in British Style so we partnered with world-renowned Yorkshire weavers Marton Mills who have been expertly crafting fabrics since 1931 to wrap each of our speakers in 100% worsted wool.


    • SPEAKER SYSTEM: Stereo system each speaker with a full range driver and subwoofer
    • CONNECTIVITY: Per Speaker: Bluetooth, 1 x 3.5mm Aux, 1 x USB device charging
    • FUNCTIONALITY: Stereo Connection, Gesture Control, Speakerphone
    • DIMENSIONS (WXHXD): 4.92” x 8.03” x 4.92” (125 x 204 x 125mm)
    • WEIGHT: 6.61 lbs (3.3 lbs per speaker)

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