Clever Dripper 500ml with 100pcs Filters

Delicious yet foolproof

There are numerous drippers and kettles choices for Pour-Over coffee and it is hard for us as coffee enthusiasts to resist the desire of trying all of them out. We just love to mess around with coffee gears, don't we? But there are times that we only want to make coffee as easy as possible. This is the time you would love to have a Clever Dripper at hand. Because that's exactly what it does, brew great coffee in a consistent and convenient manner. 

Although it is quite enjoyable testing out different Pour-Over techniques and gears, consistent results are not easy to achieved since there are so many variables need to be taken care of. Messing up one element could result in a bad cup. By using Clever Dripper, you immediately avoid all the problems caused by pouring. Worry no more about blooming time, water pouring speed, water pouring amount, water pouring position, water pouring angle, hand pour stability, turbulence and agitation amount, pour stage strategy, channeling, etc. You only need to focus on brewing time, water temperature, coffee grind amount, coffee grind size and water amount. It is so much easier to adjust the setting and get desired results. 

The steep-and-release methodology that Clever Dripper adopts is basically immersion and drip combined. It is very easy to extract well. All you need to do is pour the water and set the timer. Do other things in between. Come back and release the coffee. Super simple and foolproof! 




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The other way around

Clever Dripper can also be used as a normal coffee dripper. Simply put Clever Dripper onto the pot directly and you are good to go. The usage is no different from other drippers since the valve won't be holding any water when Clever Dripper is on the pot. You may also use the valve for a more creative brew like 2016 Barista World Champion Berg Wu demonstrated in the below video.


Clever dripper is tested by SGS as BPA free, and comply with the overall migration requirement according to European Regulation No. 2011/10/EC.

Dimensions 5.75" x 6.75" x 6.75". The top opening has a diameter of 5"
Capacity 18 fluid oz.
Material BPA-free Eastman Tritan plastic
Country of Origin Proudly made in Taiwan

  • Plastic is easier to brew with compared to ceramic, copper and glass as it doesn't suck up heat as much. That means fewer heat loss and steadier temperature. It also saves time since it does not require any significant pre-heating. 

Simple Recipe to Start (What we do at Pifferia)

  1. Insert filter into Clever Dripper and rinse with hot water to reduce paper taste and warm the dripper.
  2. Grind coffee beans coarsely, similar to sea salt.
  3. Add ground coffee 25g into Clever Dripper. 
  4. Add hot water 400g and cover with the lid. 
  5. After 3 minutes, open the lid and stir. Place Clever Dripper on top of the container to start coffee draining.
  6. Lift Clever Dripper off the container to stop draining.

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