Edifier S350DB Active Bluetooth 2.1 Speakers

Built for the audiophile in you


S-series are Edifier's flagship speakers. Built for people who take sound quality seriously. S-series are a step-up of R-series in terms of sonic performances. Benefitting from Edifier's latest technology, they provide more resolving details, better dynamics and wider soundstage. They are ideal or connecting computers, gaming consoles and building mini home theaters for an excessively rich sound!

A Step Beyond Just Sound

Introducing the S350DB the 2.1 speakers from Edifier. The S350DB are the perfect blend of classic design and high performance. S350DB comes equipped with rich low-distorted flat diaphragm tweeters. The flat diaphragm provides a fast response rate that gives excellent high frequencies that lower tiered bookshelf speakers do not provide.It produces 15w×2 rms for thetitanium dometweeter, 25wx2 rms for the 4-inch aluminum mid-range driversand 70w RMS for the 8 inchsubwoofer usingTITAS5707,TAS5713 andTAS5754 amplifiers. TI BurrBrown PCM9211 high quality chips are used for analog/optical/coaxial inputs. Each speaker has a rear facing bassreflex port, further emphasizing robust bass notes. The enclosures are made of MDF to minimize acoustic resonance.


Advanced DSP technology 

S350DB comes with built in Digital Signal Processing (DSP). Comparing to traditional crossover network, active digital crossover done in DSP can better distribute sound frequency to the tweeter and the bass driver in a more efficient and effective manner. This technology is not new but was rather expensive in the old days. Benefited by mass production and R&D efforts, Edifier managed to offer DSP at an unthinkable price range comparing to traditional hifi brands. It also comes with Dynamic Range Control (DRC) that can minimize distortion when volume changes. This provides great value for the customers! 

Wireless remote control with AptX bluetooth

The S350DB has a range of inputs including RCA, AUX, optical, coaxial, and Bluetooth. Located on the side panel of the right speaker of S350DB are three knobs for easily adjusting treble, bass and, volume. There is also a wireless remote for you to control your bookshelf speakers while sitting in chairs comfortably. If your Bluetooth device is compatible with AptX, you can enjoy more premium sound quality thanks to the CSR8645 chips inside.

Function meets style


The S350DB appeals to old and young with its perfectly blended style and professional quality. It has high quality wooden vinyl over dense partial board for great sound performance and looks. Modern style is accentuated by the sleek aluminum driver diffusers. Together, luxury and function combine to form one complete package that will compliment any style of decor. S350DB is perfect for gamingand movieset-ups.You can easily identify which input your speakers are set to with the LED status indicator on the front of the speaker.


    TOTAL POWER OUTPUT R/L (treble): 15W+15W, R/L (midrange and bass):25W+25W, SW: 70W
    SIGNAL-TO-NOISE RATIOR / L: ≥ 80dB (A) ; SW: ≥ 85dB 
    FREQUENCY RESPONSE R/L: 160Hz -20KHz ; SW: 40Hz –160Hz
    INPUT TYPE PC/AUX/Optical/Coaxial/Bluetooth
    DRIVER UNIT Bass unit: 8-inch (220mm), Mids+bass unite: 4-inch (105mm) x 2, Tweeter unit: 24mm Planar diaphragm tweeter x 2
    DIMENSION R/L 127x222x156mm (WxHxD) SW 265x312x298mm (WxHxD)
    WEIGHT 19.1Kg

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