Firestone Audio Fubar 5 Headphone Amp / DAC / Preamp

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Advanced ESS DAC and TI Headphone Amp Inside

Firestone Audio Fubar 5 is a compact desktop DAC/headphone amp/preamp all in one device. Fubar was introduced in early 2000s. Since launched, Firestone Audio adopts aluminum chassis to prevent interferences. The latest fifth generation provides by far the strongest performance and versatility among all Fubar DACs. Fubar 5 comes with ESS9018K2M and supports 32bit/384kHz(PCM) and DSD64/128/256 Hi-res audio playback from USB & I2S input. The dac chip belongs to ESS's renowned Sabre series and is famous for sounding clean and detailed with low distortion. Fubar 5 is capable of driving headphones up to 600Ω using TI TPA6120 high fidelity headphone amplifier. There is a high/low gain switcher to better match different headphones with different impedance.

Preamp/ Pure DAC switchable

A Line/ Pre switch on the panel to control the RCA output level. If you want Fubar 5 to be a pure DAC, switch to Line. If you need to connect the power amp or active studio speakers and use Fubar 5 as preamp to adjust volume, switch to Pre.

XMOS digital audio processor

Fubar 5 comes with XMOS processor to operate at USB asynchronous mode when connecting to computers via USB input.  It is compatible with Windows 7 / 8 / 10 and Mac OS. By operating at asynchronous mode, the amount of digital data transferred in the frame can be controlled. This methodology can avoid distortion caused by high levels of jitter in conventional USB mode and deliver better overall sound.

Optional Upgrades

Fubar 5 can be used with Supplier 24 Linear Power Supply and FCD-41 DC cable. The upgrades reduce noise in the power line and achieve better music reproduction.   



    Fubar 5
    Aluminum Chasiss
    Analog output: RCA output, 6.3mm headphone output
    Digital input: optical, coaxial, I2S, Async USB
    Bit depth:16/24/32bit
    Sampling rate: 48/96/192/384kHZ,DSD64/128/256
    Rated power: DC24V (AC100-240V adapter included)
    Dimension: 80x107x53mm
    Supplier 24
    Aluminum Chasiss
    Linear regulator
    Circuit Protection: Over current protection
    Power output: DC24V/500mA, DC Jack*1
    Power input: 110V AC
    FCD 41 DC Cable
    Cable Material: 20AWG OFC 99.99%
    Length: 50mm
    Connector: Oyaide DC gold plated, 55/21mm
    WBT silver solder
    Country of Origin: Taiwan

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