Juese 36mm Premium Isolation Pads(8pcs)

Have you ever checked your isolation pads?

You may know that the vibrations of the speakers transmit from the upper plate of the speaker stand to the tube, then to bottom plate and to the isolation spikes, and at the end of this transmission path, are the isolation pads.

But you may not notice, most isolation pads are made soft and thin, this cause transmission fail at the last mile. 

Important attributes of isolation pads

  • The smaller the area of the contact point, the better. This ensures the sharp isolation spikes to do its trick. 
  • The hardness needs to be high enough to sustain the weight.
  • Enough thickness to keep it stable. Ordinary pads are 4mm thick, while Juese Premium Pads offers you 20mm.
  • Rust-resistant to keep it long-lasting.


Material: SUS304 Stainless Steel
Diameter: 36mm
Thickness: 20mm
Country of Origin: Taiwan

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