Juese Anti-Vibration Plate (Medium)

Industrial grade vibration reduction technology

As a professional high precision factory, Juese has developed advanced vibration reduction technology in-house for better control of manufacturing quality. It is the same technology Juese used here for designing the Anti-Vibration Plate. The Anti-Vibration Plate is made of carbon steel which has the tensile strength as 365N/mm2 and yield strength as 610N/mm2 with 18% elongation. At the same dimension, the Anti-Vibration Plate is three times heavier than a granite slab.

The Anti-Vibration Plate is suitable for placing directly on soft materials like wood desk or cabinets for enhancement. When being used on hard materials like glass or ceramic, it is recommended to add isolation spikes onto the Anti-Vibration Plate and make it a damping platform. It can also be put on audio equipment or speakers to alter the vibration frequency and period. If you own D-series speaker stands from Juese, the Anti-Vibration Plates can be added to the bottom of the stands for more stable base.

*Note: Anti-Vibration Plates compatible with D-series stands: Large, Medium. 


Dimension: 250 x 180 x 12mm
Weight: 4kg each
Country of Origin: Taiwan

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