Juese D-series Speaker Stand 60cm (Pair)

Built with high precision

Juese specializes in pressing accessories, designing and developing high precision moulds. All products from Juese are produced under strict quality control policy and consist with the RoHS standard. The D-series speaker stand is no exception. D-series is designed to have a square shape column made of T6 aerospace grade aluminum and steel upper and lower plates. The lower plate is made of sandwich structure for better resonance control. Two sizes available for the upper plates. The stand looks stunning while maintaining structural strength. The surface of D-series stand is finished with matte black baking paint and can be easily paired with all kinds of interior environments and house styles.

Solid isolation system, Anti-Vibration Plates compatible

D-series speaker stands adopt Juese Extra Large M8 Speaker Stand Isolation Spikes which are made of stainless steel. You may use it directly on the hard floor or pair it with Juese Isolation Pads to prevent damaging the soft floor and achieve speakers coupling with ease. By using the speaker stands properly, more micro details in the music can be revealed. You can conveniently adjust the base levelness of the D-series speaker stands. D-series speaker stands can be added with Juese Anti-Vibration Plates for base enhancement. It also allows you to fill it with sand. Overall, D-series speaker stands are suitable for mid and small-sized bookshelf speakers. It provides great flexibility for you to tweak and get your desired sound. 


Height: 60cm (Isolation spikes included) 
Weight: 7.6KG each 
Plate thickness: 5.0mm 
Upper Plate:  22.5  x 16.5cm 
Large Upper Plate:  26.5 x 20.5cm 
Lower Plate: 26.5 x 20.5cm 
Column: 7.5 x 7cm 
RoHS Compliant
Country of Origin: Taiwan

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