Juese Headphone Rack

Unique design

  • Solid Build:  Juese Headphone Rack weighs 1.5KG and can maintain good stability with heavy headphones on it. The 40mm tube is made of T6 aero grade aluminum which is visually appealing yet durable. 

  • Good Finishing: The support is coated with matte black paint. Combined with the silver look of aluminum tube, Juese Headphone Rack is a great match to all kinds of furniture and spaces. 

  • Wrap Around Cord Holder: Quickly roll the headphone cord and organize it neatly on the side of the rack. Store your headphone tangle-free. 


Dimension: 280 x 120 x 187mm
Weight: 1.5KG
RoHS Compliant 
Country of Origin: Taiwan

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