Juese M8 Speaker Stand Isolation Spikes

Easy Upgrade for Speaker Stands

The Juese M8 Speaker Stand Isolation Spikes are made of stainless steel. Its conical shape makes it easy for the vibrations to be transmitted to the sharp point. As a result, good resonance control is achieved. Comparing to cast iron spikes, the Juese M8 Speaker Stands Isolation Spikes can provide clearer and more detailed sound. This is the reason why most Hi-End audio companies choose stainless steel for making isolation spikes for speakers. It is recommended to use with Juese 20mm or 36mm Isolation Pads to achieve optimal performance.

*Please check the spec before purchasing. The screw metric of this item is M8.

Important attributes of isolation spikes

  • Hard enough to ensure open sounding and durability 
  • Sharp enough to effectively transmit the accumulated energy
  • Calculated curvy or conical shape for resonance control
  • Full coverage of the pads to prevent tilting and collapse
  • Rust-resistant to keep it long-lasting


Materials: SUS304 Stainless Steel
Compatibility: Speakers stands with M8 screws

Country of Origin: Taiwan

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