Monkey Banana Baboon 6 Studio Monitors (Pair)

Premium level studio sound enhanced by AMT.

The Baboon 6 is stylish in appearance and employs serious engineering to achieve the best acoustic performance. The signature non-regular hexagonal structure is most effective in minimizing standing waves inside the enclosure. High-quality MDF is used for the enclosure to damp out unwanted resonances and ensure a solid and inert structure to mount drivers to. All internal surfaces are lined with blended absorption materials to damp the structure of the cabinet further. The Bass-reflex acoustic design combines maximum efficiency and optimal bass extension.  All this is done behind a sophisticated industrial design utilizing modern fashion elements to achieve the perfect combination of sound quality and appearance. 

Baboon 6 is an active studio monitor with an air motion transformer tweeter and a special Kevlar woofer. Monkey Banana developed the Baboon 6 to enable musicians to judge the mix better with crystal clear resolution. Thus, the Baboon 6 is an ideal monitoring solution for professional recording and mastering studios and discriminating HiFi pleasure. Meanwhile, ambitious gamers can also dive into the acoustic gaming world with even more realism with Baboon 6.

The 7.4“ Air Motion Transformer(AMT) tweeter on Baboon 6 has an excellent transient response and outstanding low distortion. The unique folded membrane design of AMT can move more air evenly comparing to traditional dome design. It perfectly articulates the high frequencies. Besides, the 6.5“ woofer is made of Kevlar and provides a perfect balance between strength and weight. As a result, the woofer delivers a fast transient response and great dynamic response. The bi-amplification power of the Baboon 6 is 60 watts for the woofer and 30 watts for the tweeter. This custom-made amplifier design allows the drivers to be fully driven to deliver good sound. The PCB is multi-layered and provides ensures the circuitry and components have better reliability and better performance. 


Woofer: 6 1/2 inch kevlar membrane
Tweeter: 4750mm² air motion transformer (AMT)
Frequency range: 50 Hz–30 kHz
HF-Level: -6dB ~ +6 dB adjustable at 10kHz
LF-Level: -6dB ~ +6 dB adjustable at 100Hz
Crossover frequency: 3kHz
LF – amplification power: 50W
HF – amplification power: 30W
Level HF / LF: 90dB / 95dB
THD + N at rated output HF / LF: 0.02% / 0.05%
Inputs: XLR/RCA - Neutrik® combo connectors, RCA, S/PDIF – RCA input for digital signals
Outputs: S / PDIF – RCA output for digital signals
Input selection switch: analog or digital
channel selection switch: Left or right (in digital mode)
Input impedance: 20 kOhm balanced, 10 kOhm unbalanced
Input sensitivity: +4 dBu (Balanced), -10dBV (unbalanced)
Available colors: red, black
Shipping weight: 9.1 kg / 20lb
Weight: 7.6 kg / 16.7lb
Pack size: L365 x W322 x H449 mm
L14.37x W12.67 x H17.67 in
Measurements: L260 x W229 x H328 mm
L10.24 x W9.02 x H12.91 in

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