Monkey Banana Gibbon 8 Studio Monitors (Pair)

Decent entry-level studio monitors

The Monkey Banana Gibbon Series Studio Monitors were designed and tested by veteran audio engineers to meet your needs in a studio monitoring environment. It focuses on the functional goal of delivering pure, original sound without any additional coloration.

The Gibbon Series monitor is self powered, directly accepting a signals from a variety of sources. This system delivers a wide range frequency response by employing two extraordinary drivers and unique crossover technology. It boasts a stable and balanced low-mid frequency response along with a defined mid and high frequency response as well. Both drivers are magnetically shielded for desktop music production.

Monkey Banana Gibbon 8 is an active near field monitor for home studios and professional recording studios. The digital-bi-amp-powered loudspeakers enable perfect mixes in medium to large monitoring environments. Due to the significant downward extension of the low-end frequency range, the Gibbon 8 is the ideal DJ-monitor as well. The monitor also provides HIFI-pleasure in large living rooms or for gamers. 

The Gibbon 8 is an extremely versatile solution for near field monitoring applications. It combines an 8” polypropylene woofer for the low-end range and a 1” silk tweeter. The amplification power of the bi-amp module is 80 watts for the low-end frequency range and 30 watts for the high-end frequency range.


Woofer: 8-inch magnetically shielded polypropylene ceramic cone
Tweeter: 1-inch silk dome tweeter
Frequency response: 45Hz - 22kHz
HF - Level: -6dB ~ +6 dB variable at 10Khz
LF - Level: -6dB ~ +6 dB variable at 100hz
Crossover frequency: 3kHz
LF - Amplifier Power: 80W
HF - Amplifier Power: 30W
Signal HF / LF: >94dB / 100dB
THD + N @ Rated Power HF / LF: 0.04% / 0.02%
Inputs: XLR Connector, TRS Connector, RCA input
Input Impedance: 20 kOhm balanced, 10 kOhm unbalanced
Input Sensitivity: +4 dBu (balanced), -10dBV (unbalanced)
Available colors: Red, Black
Net weight: 11kg / 24.2lb
Net Dimensions: L320 x W274 x H399 mm
L13 x W10.79 x H15.7 in

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