Monkey Banana Gibbon Air Studio Monitors with Bluetooth (Pair)

Active Monitor System with Bluetooth

The Gibbon Air 2.0 system is an active near field monitor system with Bluetooth connection. The system consists of one active speaker and one passive speaker and is fairly easy to set up. A ¾” silk dome tweeter and a 4" polypropylene woofer in a MDF wooden enclosure which minimizes acoustic resonance. The built-in amplifier is class A/B structure with 30w rms output. Waveguide design is used in the front baffle around the drivers to improve sound dispersion. The edge of the enclosure is rounded to better control cabinet diffraction and smooth the overall frequency response. There is no advanced technology nor fancy materials used on Gibbon Air. Instead, Monkey Banana choose to focus on the basics and do things right while keeping it affordable. As a result, Gibbon Air has a really good price-performance ratio. It is designed for people who just begin to produce music and need a decent pair of monitors without breaking the bank. It can also be used as secondary monitors for experienced producers to check mixes. It also is a good choice for multimedia applications.



Versatile connections with Subwoofer output

Gibbon Air speaker seeks to get the monitoring job done decently. Using Bluetooth input, you can pair it with your smartphone wirelessly and use it for HIFI-pleasure or gaming at home. You can use the digital LED volume control knob with a Monkey Banana logo to adjust the master volume on Gibbon Air's front. It also acts as the power botton for turn Gibbon Air on and off. An aux input and a headphone output are just next to the button for easy connection. There are HF & LF knobs at the rear panel for adjusting bass and treble and RCA input for connecting devices. Feel like needing more bass? Connect Monkey Banana Gibbon 10 or other subwoofers with the subwoofer out and you are good to go!




'The Gibbon Airs shine with a phenomenally good radiation behavior, with very even frequency response amplitudes.'

'Gibbon Air by Monkey Banana is very compact, but at the same time extremely powerful.'


'They sound really decent, you know, there will be no huge frenzy, but for this size and for this price it is really cool.'

Portal Studyjny


Power per channel: 30W
BASS UNIT: 4-inch magnetically shielded polypropylene cone woofer
TWEETER UNIT: 3/4-inch silk dome tweeter
HF/LF-Level: -6dB ~ +6 dB variable at 10Khz,Color: Red/Black/White
Inputs: RCA unbalanced, 3.5 mm Stereo Jack, Bluetooth
Output: 3.5 mm Headphone, Subwoofer-Out
DIMENSION: 181mm x 150mm x 218mm

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