YPL HN-502 Bookshelf Speakers

Value sound achieved through solid engineering

HN-502 adopts 25mm aluminum dome that offers great treble extension for the tweeters. Aircraft grade ferrofluid is used for coil cooling. Combined with high density magnets and absorption materials installed on the rear side, unwanted resonances and distortions are effectively reduced. As a result, HN-502 delivers transparent, airy and detailed treble. The 5.2 inch woofer of HN-502 is made of strong kevlar and paper fiber to enhance the rigidity while keeping the light weight characteristics. Aluminum chassis and quality surround are used for sturdy support. Fast and dynamic bass is achieved under this structure.

The cabinet of HN-500 is made of 25mm-36mm MDF. The high thickness results let the cabinet to be properly damped and generate more natural sound. The cabinet is constructed in a non-parallel way and this kind of cabinet shape can eliminate axial mode resonances. The polished painting is done more than 10 layers and finished as piano gloss black or white. Internal crossover network layout is finely tuned and high standard components, e.g., coils made of 1.0mm oxygen free copper(OFC), audiophile-grade capacitors, and silver plated internal wire are used. The bi-wire design allows for bi-amplifier connection or speaker cables bi-wiring. A set of decent quality jumper wires is attached instead of the common copper rods.   

Overall, HN-502 sounds sophisticated and detailed with moderate sense of scale and adequate bass amount. The treble is top-notch and portrays the sound of piano and violin well. It can also get loud and provide energetic soundtracks for any in-house parties. A solid set of speakers whose looks perfectly fit their design delivery.



    'Delicate and warmish. Good dynamics and nice imaging.'


    '2019 Audio Art Recommendation'



    Bookshelf, 2-way
    Power handling: 60 W
    BASS UNIT: 5.2"
    TWEETER UNIT:25 mm Aluminum Tweeter
    Bassreflex: Rear single
    Impedance: 8 Ohm
    Sensitivity: 88dB
    DIMENSION: (H)340 x (W)225 x (D)300 mm
    Weight: 9kg/pcs
    Color: White/ Black
    Country of Origin: Taiwan

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