YPL T-cushion Aluminum Isolation Spikes (6pcs)

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Are isolation products for audio gears necessary?

No, they're not necessary, but most of the time, they do make a noticeable difference in sound quality. 

Unwanted vibrations degrade the sound. YPL T-cushion Aluminum Isolation Spikes help you deal with that. When you put the T-cushion under your beloved amplifiers or DACs, it "floats" them independently from the surface they were placed on. And the result is a more accurate and focused stereo image and cleaner background with more details.

T-cushion consists of three parts, a wide aluminum base, an aluminum top cap, and a steel bead. The steel bead stays in the middle of the T-cushion during usage and maintains a single contact point to the top and bottom. This cleverly designed structure achieves the decoupling effect. 

There are six T-cushions in one package. You may opt to use three of them or choose to use four at once, depending on your preferences. The aluminum top and base are flat, and you won't scratch the audio gears. Rubber stickers are attached to the package, and you may use them accordingly.


    'Delicate and warmish. Good dynamics and nice imaging.'



    Dimension: 35×25mm (W×H)
    One set/ 6pcs
    Country of Origin: Taiwan

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