About us

Every now and then, we feel like we want to share some good experiences in our life with everyone.

A new released audiophile-grade track played by good audio gears.
Freshly roasted single-origin coffee beans from various quality farms.
Products with good design that are not only visually appealing but also quite functional.
Creative and meaningful illustrations.
Delicious hot pizzas.

This is the origin of Pifferia. We want to have a space where we are able to integrate all the things we are passionate about. The word Pifferia is a simple combination of  “pizzeria” and “coffee.” However, we aim higher than that. We want Pifferia to be multi-purpose. As of now, it is a specialty coffee shop, a pizza place, a craft beer bar and an audio store located in Taichung, Taiwan. Customers coming to Pifferia can grab a coffee, take a slice, drink one beer, or choose products they are interested in while enjoying the good music played by our featured audio system. We look forward to including more good products we love in the near future.

When we design our menu and select products for our store, we want them to be of good value. We believe goods and services that can enrich your life should be affordable. They also need to meet our criteria in taste, industrial design, functionality, usability, acoustic performance, aesthetics, etc. This is the thing we continuously put efforts on to make sure customers have great experiences here at Pifferia.

If you are too busy to come or are far away from our location, you may shop through our online store with confidence. We provide worldwide free shipping and orders will be shipped via FDX/DHL/UPS from Taiwan. You will be able to receive them within 5-14 days depending on your location. If you have any question, please feel free to contact us. It has always been our passion to serve our customers and see them smile.


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