The Airpulse brand is founded in 2004 by Phil Jones in partnership with Edifier. Phil Jones is a legendary speaker designer who founded Acoustic Energy in 1987 and designed the legendary AE-1 near-field monitors that were used in the most famous recording studios - Abbey Road Studios. In 1998 he designed and produced Platinum Air Pulse 3.1 loudspeaker system priced at a USD$275,000. It was awarded the prestigious Golden Sound Award for Best Loudspeaker developed over the last 100 years by the Japan Audio Society.

Inheriting his previous experiences, Airpulse brand is Phil Jones' latest effort to deliver reference sound quality into one's living space at an affordable price. Guided by the simple design philosophy for simplicity and efficiency, a considerable about of research was spent on product design and the selection of components. The company’s dedication and acute attention to detail combined has contributed to the Airpulse powered speakers’ impeccable performance.

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