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  • September 17, 2021 3 min read

    Here we collected several user feedbacks of LUFT Cube and LUFT Qi air purifiers, the second-gen, and first-gen of LUFT air purifier products.  
    The current LUFT product line has the second-gen LUFT Cube as the basic model and the third-gen LUFT Duo as the premium model. Both provide excellent air purifying performance for the money. Click here to get your LUFT Cube or LUFT Duo!

    LUFT Cube Review

    LUFT Cube Real Users Feedback

    " I love that I can get home and know that the air surrounding me is gonna get my skin a rest, my lungs a rest, it's like basically plugging yourself into nature, so I totally recommend it."
    - Andrea Vicunia
    "LUFT Cube has designed a beautifully simple yet visionary product. The clean design aesthetic is awesome, but nothing compares to the pure air it emits."
    - Simon Lancaster | San Francisco, California
    "If you're looking for an air purifier, in an RV, or a house, or for your bathroom, for your bedroom, whatever it is, I would really highly recommend this!"
    - Caitlin | Conroe, Texas
    "Our basement always smelled musty. In just a few days, the musty smell is just about gone since hooking up 4 LUFT Qi's. I can't speak highly enough about these."
    - Connie Woythal | Wisconsin
    "I would like to say I LOVE my LUFT Cube! I operate a dozer in the Oilsands, and having my LUFT cube in there makes a difference with the headaches I sometimes get, as well as peace of mind!"
    - Brittany Lequereux | Canada
    "My wife stopped her every morning uncontrollable sneezing due to sinus condition. She has been sneezing for years, and now it has stopped for the past 2 weeks since starting using the LUFT cube. Thank you very much from Singapore!"
    - Royston Teo | Singapore
    "Let me tell y'all guys, worth every dime you that you would spend on it. Perfect for kids with allergies and campers. This whole thing is substantial."
    - Michelle | Alabama

     LUFT Qi Real Users Feedback

    LUFT Qi is the first generation model and is also very effective.
    "It does wonders. I've had it in my car for a couple of days now. The smell is gone. Those toxins are gone. It's great for the car and even the house."
    - Jazz Williams
    "I'm gone zero waste for about a year. This filterless air purifier fits into that lifestyle. It's made traveling a breeze because I can keep my air quality pretty much the same anywhere I go."
    - Danny
    "It helped with my allergies. I keep it next to my bed. I feel like it's an excellent product."
    - Cylvan Higgs
    "You plug it in and leave it wherever you want. It has helped with my allergies. I love it."
    - Nan Gao
    "Cigarettes put toxins in the air, and sometimes it's even difficult for me to breathe. I happened to come across this product a few weeks back. I plugged it into my home office. I definitely noticed the significant change in the air in the room. I can breathe easily. This product right here is a lifesaver."
    - Joshua Martin
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