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Luft Duo Portable Filterless Air Purifier

Breathe the fresh air wherever you are!


What is LUFT Duo?

LUFT Duo is the 3rd generation of LUFT Filterless Air Purifiers. Upgraded from LUFT Cube, the LUFT Duo is still compact but more powerful. It uses UVA LED and Titanium Oxide/Zinc Oxide to zap dust, pollen, mold, and pathogens down to the molecule. The new LUFT Duo is 2x as powerful as the Duo while being even quieter and more efficient. It is capable of handling an expanded range of 240 square feet. You’ll only need one LUFT Duo for your entire house. It’s 1/10th the size of other purifiers in the same category and less than half the price! LUFT Duo removes harmful substances around you and helps you breathe cleaner air anytime, anywhere!

What Makes LUFT Duo Special?

LUFT Duo is the ultimate personal air purifier. You can bring it anywhere or keep it at home to protect those you love from pollutants in the air. Whether you want to get rid of bad odors, defeat your allergies, or improve your indoor air quality, LUFT Duo can do all that for you. LUFT Duo integrates innovative technologies with the minimalist design concept and requires no maintenance, no filter replacements, and no charging batteries.

The Purifying Process: Decompose + Neutralize

The Patented Solid-State Photocatalysis Purification (SPP) Nanotechnology is the core of LUFT Air Purifiers. Pollutants are broken down into harmless molecules by Super Oxygen Substance and Super Free Radicals formed on the photocatalyst’s surface when UVA activates the nano-reactor LED light.

In the below videos, you can see LUFT Duo cleans the smoke in 2 mins. Fresh fruits stored near LUFT Duo remains mold-free after 2 days in room temperature.

What has been improved on Duo?

  • More innovative photocatalyst material techThe newly added ZnO-Ag(Zinc Oxide) Photocatalyst module combined with the original TiO2(Titanium Oxide) Photocatalyst boosts the bacteria-killing performance by 34% and the formaldehyde neutralization performance by 103%.
  • Enhanced photocatalyst structureCompared to the LUFT Duo, which has a flat photocatalyst structure, the LUFT Duo comes with a new patented 3D photocatalyst structure. The 3D design increases efficiency by 62%.
  • Electro-static dust collection: The negative ion generator placed at the bottom LUFT Duo makes the PM2.5/PM10 matter actively trapped by the metal mesh. This novel approach prevents droplet infection effectively.


How does LUFT compare to HEPA?

HEPA only traps pollutants


LUFT destroys harmful pollutants ACTIVELY! LUFT is the ONLY technology that destroys formaldehyde & toxic VOCs, which are too small for HEPA.


Verified by 3rd Parties Laboratoraties!


Where to Use LUFT Duo?

LUFT Duo works well within a variety of surroundings.

The compact size can easily fit into your bag for portability. The elegant appearance makes it seamlessly blend into your personal space.

The mobile power source allows you to take it wherever you spend your time. Purify the air around you all day long! LUFT Duo costs less than $2 per year to operate. It is very energy efficient.


Anti-Bacterial Metal mesh - Easy to clean

A simple wash is enough for your LUFT Duo to get back to work! The Anti-bacterial Metal Mesh is super-hydrophilic. Put it under the water tap, and the mesh can be removed and cleaned within seconds.


User-Friendly Touch Control

LUFT Duo is straightforward to use. There is only one button on the device it and the control are very intuitive.

First, plug the USB-C cable into LUFT Duo for the power supply. You can connect it to a USB port on the PC, a power bank, or an adapter. The universal compatibility enables the ultimate portability of LUFT Duo.

Then, touch the on/off button, and LUFT Duo activates in the L1 mode. Touch it again, and LUFT Duo goes into L2 mode. Then L3 mode. And Finally, LUFT Duo turns off. Different modes provide different fan speeds and LED brightness. You may, for example, use L1 for quieter operation and lower brightness when sleep and L3 in the daytime for faster purification.

Quiet operation:Lower than 25dB. 

LUFT Duo keeps the air clean quietly while you sleep.

Directional Air Vent Cap

The air vent cap is a standard LUFT Duo accessory. It is for directing the airflow to the desired direction and it is also fine to use LUFT Duo without it.  

Car Cup Holder

The Car Cup Holder is a standard accessory for you to use LUFT Duo in the car conveniently.



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