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  • Acoustune HS1300SS In-Ear Headphones - Black

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    Next Generation Model from Japanese Brand Acoustune

    Acoustune began using a dual-layer metal design with the HS1500 series, which has been continuously popular among audiophiles in Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan since its launch. Subsequently, using different metal shells and driver technologies, they created a series of earphones with unique sound signatures, gathering a group of sound-loyal supporters. This time, they're introducing the more entry-level HS1300SS, improved from the HS1500 series, featuring an all-new shell design that enhances both comfort and sound quality, continuing Acoustune's tradition of high-quality and high-value performance in Japanese manufacturing.

    • VGP2022 Summer Award Winner
    • Warm and pleasing sound signature
    • Newly developed 3.5th generation Myrinx driver provides better low frequency and soundstage
    • Extended sound tube and '2way Nozzle' design for improved comfort
    • Ergonomic CNC precision-manufactured housing for easy wear
    • Housing made of stainless steel with excellent resonance suppression

    New Housing Design

    The HS1300SS features an aluminum housing at the bottom pin and a stainless steel housing for the dynamic driver, both manufactured using CNC technology. The stainless steel housing has a hardness comparable to titanium, achieving excellent shock absorption. The two housings are completely separated, minimizing mutual interference. In addition to more thoroughly implementing the dual-layer shell concept in design, the HS1300SS has specially extended the earphone sound tube and added a '2way Nozzle' design, ensuring comfortable and stable wear for all ear types.

    New Driver Improved for Stainless Steel Housing

    The HS1300SS uses a stainless steel housing, developed with 4th generation technology. The design of the diaphragm surface texture, voice coil, and magnet assembly has been re-examined and re-tuned, giving the HS1300SS quick response, impactful low-frequency performance, a wide and open soundstage, and fresh vocals, especially outstanding for listening to J-pop and K-pop.

    Custom Pure Copper Pentaconn Ear Cable

    The HS1300SS uses a Pentaconn Ear replaceable plug, specially designed for high-end in-ear monitors. Compared to MMCX, it's more stable and durable, with tighter contact between male and female connectors, resulting in superior conduction performance. It's also easier to remove than MMCX, reducing the chance of accidental damage to the plug. The cable is a custom-made 8-braid earphone cable ARC61 for the HS1300SS, composed of 366 fine OFC copper strands for each core, with extremely low impedance, capable of delivering the earphone's rich low-frequency


    Driver: 10mm 3.5th Generation Myrinx Dynamic Driver
    Frequency Response: 10Hz – 25kHz
    Sensitivity: 110dB/mW
    Impedance: 32 Ohm

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