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    Acoustune HS1790Ti Premium In-Ear Headphones

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    Mastering the Art of Pure Sound, Ushering in a New Era of Listening

    • 2nd Generation Myrinx Composite Titanium Diaphragm Driver
    • High-rigidity titanium alloy chamber for better vibration suppression, with machining traces evoking the image of a Zen rock garden.
    • New mechanical structure for more comfortable wear
    • ARC51 high-quality 8-core earphone cable
    • Designed and manufactured in Japan

    Myrinx Composite Driver, Combining Myrinx Driver and Titanium Diaphragm

    Improved by incorporating technology and knowledge gained from the development of HS1300SS and HS2000MX SHO - Sho -, featuring the '2nd Generation Myrinx Composite Driver'.

    The 2nd Generation Myrinx Composite Driver uses a dynamic driver with a composite membrane structure that combines a Myrinx vibrating plate made of medical synthetic substrate and an ultra-thin metal dome. This design concept utilizes the flexibility of the Milinx diaphragm while using high-rigidity material in the crucial dome part to prevent resonance. This combination has been adopted and marketed in the 'HS1695TI' and 'HS1697TI'.

    In the HS2000MX SHO - Sho -, which further sought the optimal solution, Acoustune actively addressed materials and processes that were previously difficult to mass-produce, achieving certain results. The 'HS1790TI' inherits the well-received sound of HS1695TI and HS1697TI while reflecting the knowledge gained at that time for fine-tuning.

    Modular Metal Body and Titanium Sound Chamber

    The body shell adopts a modular structure, completely separating the acoustic chamber part (driver storage) from the structural shell part (connector storage). This reduces interference between acoustic and structural parts, suppressing sound quality degradation.

    In the 'HS1790TI', the acoustic chamber part uses CNC high-precision machined titanium, while the structural shell part uses aluminum. The titanium chamber, being harder than aluminum or stainless steel, improves resonance suppression and driver response, achieving overwhelming expressiveness across the entire range and a wide soundstage.

    Particularly for the chamber part, very thin metal processing was required to ensure acoustic space while pursuing sound quality improvement, but design improvements, including the addition of rib structures, were made to maintain strength.

    Adopting Next-Generation Acoustune Design Identity

    The 'HS1790TI' adopts the next-generation Acoustune design identity used from HS1300SS to HS2000MX SHO - Sho -. The shell shape, optimized in size and ergonomically improved, enhances fit while incorporating the metal block feel in a highly balanced design.

    Zen Rock Garden-Style Scale Processing Finish

    The 'HS1790TI' shell finish features scale processing reminiscent of Japanese Zen rock gardens, achieving a harmonious industrial design. To achieve this finish, precise path work was designed through CAM and precision machining was performed with machinery controlled to 1-micron units.

    New Reference Hybrid Cable 'ARC51' with 8-core Structure

    The 'HS1790TI' continues to use the 'ARC51' hybrid cable, Acoustune's earphone standard adopted in the HS1600 series. This new hybrid cable aims to reduce conductor impedance while preventing audio signal transmission loss, improving S/N ratio across the full frequency range. The cable uses a hybrid of silver-plated OFC wires and ultra-fine OFC wires in an 8-core structure (triple-shielded/double-wound), with an outer layer of Japanese-made PVC selected by senior engineers for vibration reduction. This helps prevent external vibrations and suppress touch noise. Metal parts for the L-shaped plug, Y-splitter, and Pentaconn Ear connector are semi-matte black with a brushed finish for a premium look.

    Pentaconn Ear Connector

    Uses the new high-quality, high-reliability IEM connector 'Pentaconn Ear' designed and produced by Nippon Dics Corporation. Compared to traditional MMCX connectors, it offers tighter contact between plug and socket parts for superior conductivity. It also achieves both ease of connection/disconnection and durability.

    Comfortable Fit 'AEX07' Ear Tips and Carrying Case 

    As Acoustune's next-generation reference standard, all sizes (XS/S/M/L/XL) of 'AEX07' ear tips and foam-type 'AET02' ear tips are included. These ear tips prevent sound quality degradation and provide a high degree of fit. A carrying case for easy portability and protection of the earphone body is also included.



    「VGP2023」金賞 受賞

    「VGP2022 SUMMER」受賞

    「VGP2023 SUMMER」受賞


    IEM with Single Dynamic Driver
    2nd Generation Myrinx Composite Evolved 10mm Diameter Dynamic Driver
    CNC Machined Titanium
    Frequency Response: 10Hz - 25kHz
    Sensitivity: 110dB@1mW
    Impedance: 24Ω@1KHz
    Connection Specifications: Pentaconn Ear Connector manufactured by Japan DIX, 3.5mm 3-pole stereo mini plug
    Cable: ARC51 8Wire Hybrid Cable, Silver-Plated Copper OFC & Ultra-Fine OFC, Triple-Shielded, Double-Twisted 8-Core Structure

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