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    Acoustune HS2000MX MKII Flagship In-Ear Headphones

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    HS2000MX MKII - HS2000MX Sho Variation Flagship Model with New Materials and Latest Technology 

    • New Crimson Metal Color
    • Acoustune Capsule Technology (A.C.T) Interchangeable Chamber Design
    • CNC Aluminum and Stainless Steel Anodized Aluminum Alloy A.C.T. Design
    • Enhances suppression of negative effects on sound caused by sympathetic vibrations
    • High-Purity "Oxygen-Free Copper" (OFC) Chamber Material
    • Provides a more balanced and warm performance
    • Latest Myrinx Composite Dynamic Driver
    • Diaphragm made of medical-grade high-polymer biomaterial, with Japanese beryllium film on the dome position, greatly enhancing high-frequency extension
    • 16-Core Silver-Plated OFC Core and Ultra-Fine OFC Core Braided Structure
    • Metal components on the cable also adopt indigo color, creating a luxurious atmosphere
    • Japanese Elegant Packaging
    • Includes new portable headphone case and 3 new eartip configurations
    • Made in Japan

    New Acoustic Chamber Unit "ACT05" Equipped

    The HS2000MX SHO -Sho- MKII continues to use the proven "Myrinx Composite Driver with Japanese-made Beryllium Thin Film Processed Dome" for the diaphragm. Additionally, it optimizes acoustic tuning by combining this with an acoustic chamber body made of CNC-machined OFC (Oxygen-Free Copper). The bass peak of the previous tuning has been further lowered, creating not only width in the soundstage but also depth, producing rich and luxurious music.

    About Black Spots

    This product uses OFC material. OFC is copper with a purity of 99.99% or higher, containing no oxides. Due to the nature of the material, oxidation (rusting) begins the moment it comes into contact with air. Therefore, the OFC chamber is coated to slow down oxidation. However, in principle, oxidation has already begun during processing, and some black spots (oxidation) may be visible. Currently, it is technically very difficult to completely prevent the occurrence of these black spots, and they are not considered a defect.

    Although the aforementioned coating makes it unlikely for the black spots to change over time, due to the product's characteristics, we recommend wiping off any dirt such as skin oils with a soft, dry cloth after use.

    ※ Using cleaning agents, compounds, or hard cloths may cause the coating to peel off, potentially leading to rapid oxidation.

    Acoustune Capsule Technology(A.C.T)

    Acoustune Capsule Technology (A.C.T)

    A major feature of previous Acoustune products was the adoption of a modular structure where the acoustic chamber and mechanical housing parts were completely separate. This time, that modular structure has evolved further. For the first time, we have adopted "Acoustune Capsule Technology (A.C.T)", which allows users to replace the acoustic chamber part themselves by opening and closing a high-precision, low-wobble movable outer housing. This also accommodates future options and upgrades.

    Myrinx Composite Dynamic Driver with Japanese-made Beryllium Thin Film Processed Dome

    Latest Myrinx Composite Dynamic Driver with Japanese-made Beryllium Thin Film Processed Dome

    Acoustune earphones feature a composite structure combining a "Myrinx diaphragm" made from medical-grade polymer biomaterial with a "Japanese-made beryllium thin film processed dome". This utilizes materials previously unavailable due to accessibility, mass production, and cost constraints, made possible through new supplier development. It maintains the dynamic driver's characteristics of smooth, linear reproduction across all frequencies and rich bass, while also achieving tight, controlled bass through resonance suppression with the high-rigidity metal dome. The result is music that plays like a well-coordinated orchestra.

    ARS100 Cable Achieving Excellent Total Balance

    The earphones use Acoustune's new generation ARS100 series cable. After extensive experimentation with materials, core numbers, and braiding methods, we adopted the ARS100 series, equivalent to the standard product, considering both cable completion and overall earphone balance. Co-developed with a specialized audio cable manufacturer, it features a 16-core hybrid structure of silver-coated OFC and ultra-fine OFC wires, and continues to use Pentaconn Ear terminals from Japan Dix.

    While maintaining high-precision metal parts, we've adopted gunmetal color for connectors, splitters, and earphone jack parts to match part of the earphone body color, creating overall harmony and a premium feel.

    Acoustune AEX70

    Newly Included "AEX70" Ear Tips

    Based on the shape of Acoustune's "AEX07" ear tips, these incorporate SMP Technologies' shape memory polymer "SMPiFit®", previously used in AEX50. We've made minor adjustments to shape and thickness considering material differences. The material's shape recovery and fixation properties provide stable fit. For this product, we've achieved a light, comfortable fit while maintaining sufficient retention and wearability by reducing thickness. Included in S/M/L sizes.


    New Shape Ear Tips "AEX50"

    Newly included "AEX50" ear tips use SMP Technologies' shape memory polymer "SMP iFit®" in a double-wing shape. These are the reference ear tips for this product. The wide wing part adheres to a larger area of skin near the ear canal entrance compared to regular ear tips. Combined with the material's shape-retaining properties, they fit snugly at the ear canal entrance, eliminating discomfort without deep insertion. Due to their positioning, they also maintain more space in the ear canal, offering a different sound field sensation than regular ear tips. Included in XS/S/M/L/XL sizes to support fitting for more users.


    Renewed Reference Ear Tips "AEX07"

    In addition to AEX50, we've included "AEX07", a renewed version of the AET07 reference ear tips used in Acoustune earphone development. Based on the basic design of this long-standing product, we've made minor shape adjustments and revised size variations using data from numerous ear molds created for the 3D custom-fit intershell "ST1000". Included in S/M/L sizes.

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