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  • Acoustune RS Three In-Ear Headphones, RS3 In-Ear Monitor, IEM

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    Acoustune's second IEM combining high durability and monitoring performance.

    RS THREE is equipped with the new Myrinx EL-S medical driver, creating a sound suitable for music production. After interviewing many renowned professional composers, Acoustune found a high demand for monitoring performance in ultra-low frequencies, lip sounds, and sound imaging. RS THREE makes these sounds easier to hear.

    • MILINX EL-S driver diaphragm
    • Easy to drive with low impedance
    • Long-throw design
    • High-strength body
    • Newly developed ARM011 litz 1.8-meter earphone cable
    • Excellent presence
    • Durable and comfortable to wear

    Myrinx EL-S Driver

    Myrinx EL-S, based on Myrinx EL, produces more precise sound. It uses a high-performance resin for medical applications, which is lightweight, extremely rigid, and has high acoustic performance. It can withstand signals up to 250 mW, making it robust and durable.

    Highly Durable Body Resistant to Impact, Heat, and Sweat

    The body shell consists of two parts made of polycarbonate, offering excellent impact resistance, weather resistance, and heat resistance. By minimizing the number of parts, the assembly becomes simpler and more robust.

    Reliable Pentaconn Ear Pins

    The new Pentaconn Ear IEM pins, designed and manufactured by Nippon Dics Corporation, offer high sound quality and reliability. Compared to traditional MMCX connectors, the contact between the plug and socket is tighter, providing superior conduction performance.

    Product Accessories:

    Earphone body, earphone storage case, silicone ear tips (one pair each of S, M, L), one pair of memory foam ear tips, one 3.5mm to 6.3mm adapter, user manual,

    FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions): Q: How long is the RS THREE earphone cable? A: The RS THREE earphone cable is approximately 170cm long, while the RS ONE earphone cable is approximately 120cm long.

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