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    • High-quality product supervised by final, a renowned traditional Japanese audio manufacturer
    • Retains classic colors while adding trendy, popular new colors
    • Each earbud weighs only 3.5 grams! Lightweight, snug fit with high sound isolation
    • Adopts an 'ear concha fitting adjustment structure' comfortable for various ear shapes
    • New 'touch control off' function, seamless switching between single/dual ear modes
    • IPX4 water-resistant rating

    Small! Light! Great sound quality!

    The popular COTSUBU (Yudou) true wireless Bluetooth earphones have sold over 300,000 units globally. This year's second-generation MK2 not only adds summer colors but also includes new features and clearer, more transparent sound quality.

    High-quality product supervised by final, a traditional Japanese audio manufacturer

    In relying on EQ adjustments, it's easy to cause listening fatigue in the high-frequency range. To avoid this, excessive emphasis on low frequencies often results in poor overall sound balance. COTSUBU MK2 emphasizes acoustic characteristics without relying on software EQ, achieving satisfactory sound quality. Under final's supervision, only the high-frequency unevenness caused by Bluetooth is corrected, resulting in more transparent and clear sound.

    Retaining classics while adding trendy, popular colors

    In addition to COTSUBU's popular colors Sakura Pink (SAKURA) and Sky Blue (SKY), new slightly tangy Lemon Yellow (LEMON) and Mint Green (MINT) have been added, making daily life more relaxed, enjoyable, and stylish. The unique 'three-layer powder coating' process continues to be used, providing a skin-friendly feel that prevents oil, fingerprints, and dirt from sticking.

    Each earbud weighs only 3.5 grams

    Each earbud body weighs only 3.5 grams, making it the lightest product in the series. The earphones fit tightly with the ear canal without a protruding foreign body sensation, so they're comfortable even when leaning against a sofa.

    Lightweight, snug fit with high sound isolation

    Not only compact and lightweight, but also featuring an 'ear concha fitting adjustment structure', the earphones are minimized to fit snugly on the ear concha whether worn vertically or horizontally. Even without active noise cancellation, they can isolate environmental noise, allowing you to enjoy your own musical feast.

    More transparent and clear sound quality

    Through updated internal acoustic tuning, sound transparency has improved compared to the first-generation COTSUBU, allowing clearer listening to vocals and various instrumental performances.

    High-quality voice calls with high-performance MEMS microphone

    The earphones are equipped with a high-performance MEMS microphone. Software-based noise reduction processing reduces background environmental noise heard by the other party, enhancing the clarity of the caller's voice. Natural sound quality that doesn't cause listening fatigue.

    New 'touch control off' function

    Easy touch control for play/pause, reducing discomfort when pressing buttons while wearing. Additionally, touching 5 times continuously can activate the 'touch control off function', after which touch operations, LED indicator lights, and voice functions will be turned off. Touch 5 times continuously again to return to normal mode. This function not only prevents inconvenience caused by unintentional touches but also enhances focus.

    Seamless single ear switching

    Simply putting one earbud back in the charging case automatically switches to single ear mode*, without interrupting the music or affecting your enjoyment. *This mode only supports music playback.

    Automatic pairing

    The compact charging case design allows easy one-handed opening and closing. Equipped with automatic pairing function, Bluetooth connection pairing is initiated immediately when the charging case is opened. When the earbuds are placed back in the charging case and the lid is closed, the power automatically turns off.

    IPX4 water-resistant

    IPX4 level water resistance provides excellent protection even during intense exercise or use in harsh weather conditions.

    Achieving extremely comfortable wear

    COTSUBU MK2 comes with SS/S/M 3 sizes of final TYPE E earbuds specially designed for true wireless earphones. General earbuds tend to deform under pressure deep in the ear canal, creating a compressed shape inside the ear, which can cause pain and fatigue during long-term wear. The final TYPE E earbuds for true wireless earphones are softer and easier to wear, with almost no foreign body sensation. By minimizing the sense of wear, they achieve extremely comfortable wear.

    | Accessories ・USB-C charging cable ・final TYPE-E silicone earbuds for true wireless earphones *3 (SS / S / M)

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