Airpulse A200 Active Bluetooth Speakers

Studio sound at a consumer price

Airpulse A100, A200, A300 are budget versions of the renowned $12,000 AAD 7001 reference monitors designed by legendary speaker designer Phil Jones whose most famous work is Acoustic Energy AE-1. Much like the AE-1 speakers were chosen by Abbey Road studio in London in the 80s, the 7001 was the choice of famed musicians such as Bob James, Victor Wooten and Grammy Award producer Don Murray.

This series inherits 7001's mechanism that matches horn-loaded ribbon tweeter with aluminum woofer for a balanced, detailed and accurate sound. All technical and design aspects of Airpulse products were crafted by Phil Jones to reflect its commitment to providing premium studio-quality sound at affordable prices.


Horn loaded ribbon tweeter

Upgraded from the A100, the larger tweeter on A200 is capable of moving more air and increase SPL. The thin aluminium ribbon diaphragm is highly sensitive with superb transient response. It can deliver extended frequency range with well-defined resolution. The horn shape directs an optimized high-frequency directly to the listener and minimizes room reflection.


5.5” Aluminum Cone Underhung Coil Woofer

The woofer is a 5.5” unit with a hard anodized aluminum alloy cone suspended in a heavy, ultra rigid cast magnesium alloy frame. The proprietary aluminium alloy cone was designed through a meticulous analyzing process using a Klippel Laser Doppler Interferometer. A200 adopts underhung coil design, which requires a much larger magnetic field and costs more yet it has a lower distortion and more linear electromotive force. 


Texas Instrument processor for Active DSP crossover

A200 comes with a TI programmable codec that supports Digital Signal Processing (DSP) for active crossover. Comparing to traditional passive crossover networks, active digital crossovers done in DSP can better distribute sound frequency to tweeters and woofers in a more effective manner but cost more. Benefited by the cooperation with Edifier, the largest Chinese loudspeaker manufacturer, Airpulse managed to offer DSP at an entry level price range of traditional HiFi. It also comes with Dynamic Range Control that can minimize distortion when volume changes. 

Highly Efficient TI Class D Amps and Balanced Inputs

The A200 speakers combines the nature of a studio monitor with into an exquisite bookshelf speaker. It produces 10w×2 rms for tweeters and 50w×2 RMS for woofers using three TI TAS5754 digital amplifiers operating at ultra high 768khz PWM frequency that effectively lowers treble and background distortion. Two of these chips are bridged in parallel to drive the left and right woofers while the other is in bridge mode for both tweeters. TI BurrBrown PCM9211 and PCM1802/1804 high quality chips are used for XLR/RCA/optical/coaxial inputs. Each speaker has a rear facing bass reflex port for better extension. The port is rounded smoothly to achieve low turbulence and high velocity, thus provide better sound performance. The cabinets are made of 25mm MDF with retro wood styling to minimize acoustic resonances. The interior is lined with professional-grade sound absorption material to reduce unwanted coloration. Internal wiring is produced by TRANSPARENT to lower signal loss in transmission. The result is full and three dimensional sound with each detail well defined.


Various inputs with remote control 

The A200 is equipped with both digital and analog inputs. Connect your phone, laptop, computer and other devices with XLR, RCA, Optical, Coaxial and Bluetooth. Located on the rear panel of the A200 speakers are three knobs for easily adjusting treble, bass and, volume. There is also a wireless remote for you to control your bookshelf speakers while sitting in chairs comfortably. If your Bluetooth device is compatible with AptX, you can enjoy more premium Bluetooth sound quality thanks to the CSR8645 chip inside. Easily identify which input your speakers are set to via the LED status indicator on the front. 


    'AirPulse A200 is fantastically neutral speaker, with open, detailed and transparent sound from top to bottom.' 


    'A Nearly Perfect Small Speaker.'


    'I'm at a loss to think of another stand-mounted powered speaker system that does so much, and offers this high a build quality, at this price level.'


    Phase Correction Horn Loaded Ribbon Tweeter
    5.5" Aluminum Cone Neo Power Mid-Woofer
    L/R(Treble)10W + 10W, L/R(Min-Range and Woofer) : 55W + 55W
    Balance Input 1000±50mV,AUX Input 550±50mV,Bluetooth Input 1000±50mFFs,Optical Input 350±50mFFs,Coaxial Input 350±50mFFs
    AUX, Balance Input, Optical, Coaxial, Bluetooth
    203 x 355 x 295 (mm)
    19 Kg(42lbs)

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