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    Audirect T-1 Lightning to USB-C Upgrade Cable

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    Digital Upgrade Cable Tailored Specifically for Appl

    A small change brings about a significant performance improvement. There are an increasing number of small DACs on the market, but have you ever encountered noise, sound interruption, or even silence when decoding with an iPhone at high volumes? This is caused by the insufficient current output from the iPhone's lightning connector.

    Audirect has specially designed the T-1 lightning to type-c upgrade cable that incorporates rechargeable electronic components in the tiny Lightning connector portion to solve the current deficiency problem. The outer layer is equipped with a shielding mesh and a ferrite bead to further reduce interference, allowing your iPhone to achieve the best and most refined sound quality.

    • Exclusively for iPhone, supports the new iOS 16.
    • Enhanced current pulse, significantly increasing current capacity.
    • Anti-interference ferrite ring, rendering a cleaner sound.
    • Lightning male to Type-C male/female data cable.
    • Cable Length: Approximately 13~14 cm.
    • Wire Material: Monocrystalline copper 0.08mm14 strands + monocrystalline silver 0.0810 strands, two monocrystalline copper 0.08mm*128 strands.
    • Two monocrystalline copper with silver-plated shielding mesh, wrapped in aluminum foil + filler.
    • Usage: Connect the Audirect Beam series or other DACs to an iPhone for use.
    • Weight: Approximately 10g.
    • Dimensions: 13 x 1 cm (L/W).

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