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    BGVP DM9 In-Ear Headphones

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    New 9-driver hybrid drivers with EST

    • 9 Drivers (4 Balanced Armatures / 4 Electrostatics / 1 Dynamic)
    • Four-way crossover design
    • Nebula dyed stabilized wood chamber
    • High-purity OFC 6N OCC silver-plated graphene hybrid wire
    • Replaceable 3.5MM/4.4MM connectors 

    As the ninth generation product of BGVP's flagship series, BGVP has adopted 9 hybrid drivers, including: 

    1. Ultra-high frequency - Sonion Electrostatic EST65QB02 unit Custom Sonion in-ear electrostatic unit, surpassing the frequency response of dynamic and balanced armature drivers, extending the ultra-high frequencies smoothly.
    2. Treble - Sonion compound balanced armature (E50 series) A classic Sonion high-frequency BA driver, providing powerful resolution, extending the highs naturally.
    3. Midrange - Knowles's RAD series balanced armature | Sonion 2300 series balanced armature. The classic Knowles and Sonion complement each other, rendering the mids more naturally soft.
    4. Bass - 9.2mm third-generation liquid silicone diaphragm dynamic driver. Liquid rubber with excellent properties like low viscosity, low shrinkage, and high mechanical strength being used as diaphragm material. With a 9.2mm diameter, reinforced with N52 strong neodymium magnets, producing faster response and deeper bass extension.

    Dedicated Four-Way Crossover Technology

    DM9 employs precise standalone four-way crossover technology, with four separate acoustic ducts emitting sound, minimizing interference among drivers and ensuring lower distortion. The special sound duct uses metal acoustic damping, effectively reducing redundant frequencies and harshness, achieving more accurate crossovers and stronger resolution.

    High Purity 6N OFC Silver-plated Wire with Interchangeable Plug

    DM9 uses high-purity 6N single crystal OFC silver-plated wire with a length of 120cm+10, with an insulated sheath for higher conductivity. Ensuring lossless transmission of sound. The wire structure uses 4 strands mixed design and gives lower distortion, and a more natural transition between frequencies. The refined graphene is lightweight, thin, and extremely rigid, with 100 times the hardness of steel and 1% thickness of paper. Highly rigid against stretching. The cable plug is swappable for 3.5mm/4.4mm.

    Stabilized Wood Chamber

    The chamber is made of stabilized wood that has been infused with an acrylic polymer, which is dissolved in a solvent and then introduced into the wood through a combination of vacuum and pressure cycles. The color fluctuates between light and dark, sprinkled with starry brilliance, as if gazing up at a cosmos full of stars. 


    Sensitivity: ≥110dB SPL/mW
    Impedance: 30Ω
    Frequency range: 10Hz-40kHz
    Distortion: <0.5%
    Channel imbalance: ±1dB
    Rated power: 179mW
    Chamber material: Stabilized wood
    Drivers: Sonion EST65QB02*1, Sonion BA(E50 series)*1, Sonion BA(2300 series)*1, Knowles BA(RAD series)1, Liquid Silicone Diaphragm VF DD1
    Wire: 4 strands OCC silver-plated graphene hybrid
    wire Length: 120cm±10%"

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