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    BGVP NE5 In-Ear Headphones

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    Revamped Tribrid Driver Setup

    BGVP NE5 tribrid IEMs boast a unique configuration of five drivers on each side, including a 10mm dynamic driver with a liquid silicone diaphragm, two separate balanced armature drivers, and a pair of Sonion EST drivers, all enclosed in a diamond-cut faceplate and aviation-grade aluminum alloy earpieces. This intricate setup is divided into a four-way frequency acoustic chamber to deliver pure and unparalleled sound quality.

    It ensures a punchy bass from the dynamic driver, a rich and lush mid-range from the Sonion BA unit, crisp high frequencies from the Knowles BA driver, and a smooth ultra-high frequency response from the two EST drivers. 

    Fifth-Generation 3D Printed Acoustic Cavity

    BGVP has innovated a new 3D-printed acoustic chamber for the NE5, designed to minimize harmonic distortion and enable the compact arrangement of various driver units within a small shell.

    Precision-Crafted Earpieces:

    The earpieces of the NE5 are created using a high-precision 5-axis CNC machining process and are constructed from top-quality aviation-grade aluminum alloy. This ensures durability and guarantees a comfortable fit for most users.

    Premium-Quality Cable

    The NE5 comes bundled with a high-quality 6N silver-plated monocrystalline copper cable equipped with standard MMCX connectors. This ensures smooth signal transmission with ultra-low distortion and prevents signal loss during transmission. The standard MMCX connectors allow users to switch between different upgrade cables easily.


    Sensitivity:109dB SPL/MW
    Channel difference:≤1dB(20-10kHz)
    Input resistance:12Ω
    Frequency response:10Hz-40kHz
    Cable length:1.2m±5%
    Drive unit:
    10mm second-generation liquid silicone diaphragm moving coil
    Knowles Ba driver
    Sonion high-frequency BA driver
    Sonion EST driver
    Swappable tuning nozzle
    Hi-Res certification. 

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