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  • BGVP NS10 In-Ear Headphones

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    10 Drivers: Flagship configuration at an affordable price

    • Ten drivers (2 dynamic + 8 balanced armatures)
    • Aviation aluminum metal cavity
    • Electronic four-way frequency system
    • Replaceable tuning nozzles
    • Brand-new 3D printed bracket structure
    • 3.5/2.5/4.4 triad cable
    • Standard MMCX socket


    Midrange: Equipped with Sonion2300 series balanced armature drivers and custom FDK-60718 for the midrange audio, providing better, smoother, and more beautiful vocal transitions.

    Treble: Utilizes the classic Knowles RAF series balanced armature drivers with tuning holes, which can significantly improve vocal density and make the mid-high frequency transition more natural.

    Ultra-high Frequencies: Uses BGVP’s proprietary dual-compound driver, NFK-70817, which combines years of acoustic experience, developed and improved from 31736 and 30095, with high-frequency extension up to 40kHz, significantly enhancing high-frequency extension and making the sound more transparent and natural.

    Bass: The coaxial dual dynamic driver uses a new dynamic coil, new DC material, and graphene diaphragm specifically developed for NS10, enabling deep and powerful bass for an immersive experience.

    Interchangeable Tuning Nozzles

    NS10 uses brass filters to effectively suppress harmonic vibrations, offering three different styles of musical expression. You can change the filter hat provide the sound you prefer. 

    1. Silver (original, general setting) - Suitable for pop, ACG, and other popular music.
    2. Red - Balanced tri-band, suitable for omnivorous music lovers.
    3. Gold - HiFi tone, uncolored, suitable for classical music.

    Aviation Aluminum Metal Cavity

    NS10 uses a single piece of 7-series aviation-grade aluminum processed by imported five-axis CNC lathes. Each cavity is crafted with intricate techniques, from polishing, sandblasting, electroplating, and oxidizing to engraving, providing a more luxurious experience akin to a piece of art.

    Fifth Generation DLP 3D Printing Technology

    NS10 employs a brand-new 3D printed bracket structure, combined with BGVP’s rich tuning experience and sound acoustic principles, enabling compact placement of ten units, independent three-way sound tube output, and custom acoustic damping for NS10. Harmonics and distortion are reduced, making the earphones more stable overall and ensuring full high-fidelity audio quality.

    Sophisticated Electronic Four-Way Frequency Crossover

    NS10 contains a refined frequency circuit built with eight high-precision Samsung capacitors and resistors to create a sophisticated four-way frequency system. This ensures a balanced tri-band tuning philosophy, pleasing and not piercing, high-density vocals, and better three-band frequency analysis for a more layered sound experience.

    HiFi Grade Four-strand Silver-plated Braided Wire

    NS10 comes standard with high-purity 6N OCC silver-plated upgrade wire, which can effectively reduce distortion and transmission loss in the signal, reproducing more authentic sound. The second-generation MMCX expandable detachable design greatly increases the service life and comes with an interchangeable 3-in-1 plug.


    Impedance: 12ohm
    Frequency Response: 20Hz-40kHz
    Sensitivity: 110dB SPL/MW
    Distortion: <1.5% (1kHz)
    Channel Difference: <1dB
    Cavity Material: Lightweight aluminum alloy
    Earphone Unit: 8 balanced armatures + coaxial composite dual dynamic
    Wire: Four-strand 6N OCC silver-plated triad wire (4.4/2.5/3.5)
    Wire Length: 125cm ±5mm

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