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    BGVP Phantom In-Ear Headphones

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    Phantom Hybrid Headphones with eight drivers: 2BA + 2DD + 2EST + 2BCD

    The BGVP Phantom is the latest masterpiece in the BGVP flagship series, epitomizing years of refined technical expertise and marking a fresh venture. Leveraging the strengths of pneumatic and bone conduction technologies, it recovers lost frequency bands, offering an expansive sound ambiance. The dual-chamber design equipped with five acoustic crossovers effectively reduces interference among drivers, ensuring minimal distortion. Moreover, the rear chamber's bone conduction port, designed close to the ear, guarantees an impeccable alignment with the ear's anatomy for optimal sound reproduction.

    Color hue adapts to temperature fluctuations

    Crafted from a reversible thermochromic pigment and resin blend, the pigment's molecular composition responds to both body and ambient temperatures, especially around 36°C. This dynamic shift in color lends the chamber a spirited and radiant look.

    Dual-chamber sound path with five sections

    Phantom features a dual-chamber design with five distinct sections. Five acoustic dividers and four sound tubes produce distinct, interference-free sounds in the front chamber. The drivers interact harmoniously and ensure minimal distortion. The specialized sound tube, crafted from metal, effectively eliminates excess frequencies and reduces any unclear resonance. With meticulous frequency separation, the details come across crisply. An exclusive bone conduction port in the rear chamber, closely aligned with the ear, provides an impeccable connection to the ear bone, enhancing the realism of the sound environment.

    Bass: Featuring a dual-layer composite DC diaphragm paired with a graphene diaphragm, this combination of DC and graphene materials guarantees a profound and crisp bass, free from any muddiness.

    Sub-bass: Uses the Sonion bone conduction driver, setting the atmosphere in the mid-low frequency range.

    Midrange: Powered by the Sonion 2300 series drivers, it fine-tunes the sound's mid-range, resulting in a harmonious, mellow, and delightful auditory experience.

    Treble: Inspired by the renowned Knowles RAD series, it exhibits exceptional analytical capabilities.

    Ultra-high frequency: Sonion's UHF EST frequency range surpasses all dynamic drivers up to 80kHz, allowing for further extension of ultra-high frequencies. 

    Customized Wearing Experience

    By collecting data from thousands of ear impressions, BGVP optimized a comfortable ergonomic curvature design that fits the ear contour. This design helps avoid discomfort from prolonged wear, distributes pressure around the ear, and ensures a pressure-free wearing experience.

    Match a good horse with a good saddle 

    Phantom comes standard with a high-purity 6N single-crystal copper silver-plated upgrade cable, effectively reducing distortion and transmission loss in the signal, and reproducing a more authentic sound.

    Standard Two-in-One Plug

    Equipped with a snap-on interchangeable plug, available in both 3.5mm and 4.4mm specifications.


    • Model: BGVP Phantom 
    • Sonion Electrostatic driver * 2
    • Sonion mid-high frequency balanced armature (2300 series) *1
    • Knowles high frequency balanced armature (RAD series) *1
    • Composite DC diaphragm + Graphene diaphragm dynamic driver *1
    • Sonion Bone conduction driver *1
    • Chamber Material: Thermochromic pigment + resin
    • Sensitivity: ≥107dB SPL/mW
    • Input Impedance: 12Ω
    • Frequency Response Range: 10Hz-40kHz
    • Distortion Rate: <2%
    • ChannelDifference: ±1dB
    • Rated Power: 179mW
    • Cable: 6N single-crystal copper silver-plated upgrade wire
    • Cable Length: ±1.2m

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