Booom BMD01 Class-A Portable DAC/Preamp/Headphone Amp

Listen with your own ears!

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TI advanced DAC inside

BOOOM BMD01 is a simple USB to 3.5mm DAC/headphone amp that provides great sound quality on the go. The shell of BMD01 is made of aluminum to prevent interferences. BMD01 weighs only 35g. It uses TI PCM5142 DAC chip for digital to analog conversion and NJRC NJM8801 operational amplifier for amplification. It upsamples all signals to 24bit/192kHz for audio playback and is capable of driving headphones up to 300Ω BMD01 is a plug and play device and is compatible withandroid, windows and macOS. No extra power supply is needed for connecting BMD01.


Portable and powerful 

BMD01 offers 35mWx2 at250Ω high power outputusing the uncompromizing class-A design which provides best linearity in amplification.It can drive almost every IEM(earphones) and headphone on the market with. The sound signature is warm and natural with plenty of details. BMD01 provides smooth and fatigue-free listening experience and is very suitable for long time usage. Being compact and lightweight, BMD01 is a decent traveller companion. Bring your favorite earphone/headphone with you when out and use it along with BMD01, you willnotice the richness and clarity in the audio is already good enough for you to forget those more expensive gears at home!

Touch volume control

There is12 stages of volume control on BMD01 and is displayed with blue LED. The control is very intuitive. You can easily adjust the desired volume with the simple + and - buttons.



ForAndroid,Windows, macOS
Analog output:3.5mm
Class A Amplifier: 35mW x2 @250 Ω
Shell Material: Aluminum
Upsampling: 192K Hz / 24 bit
Frequency Response:20Hz-40kHz
THD+R: -105dBFS, <0.0015%
USB Bus Powered: 5 V / 300m A
Dimensions : 14 x 25.5x68.4mm
Weight :35g
Country of Origin: Taiwan

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