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Original Evangelion Motif

EVA2020 x Final True Wireless Stereo Headphones are products of the collaboration among Final Audio, Nippon Television, and Khara Studio. 

Final Audio is known for producing exquisite in-ear headphones and delivers fantastic sonic qualities. EVA2020 x Final TWS Earphones are no exception, they are developed with high standard and offer promising sound quality just like their previous products.

The overall design of EVA2020 x Final TWS Earphones is based on the essence of Neon Genesis Evangelion. The series has 3 different color options, representing Evangelion Unit-01, Unit-02, and Mark.06 that associate with Shinji Ikari, Asuka Langley Sohryu, and Kaworu Nagisa. The earphone body and the shell of the charging case have strong and bold curves that echos the original Evangelion elements. Wear it and increase your survival chance near the Third Impact.

EVA2020 x Final-TWS-Earbuds



Synchronization Rate Package

The packages of EVA2020 x Final TWS Earphones are also based on the colors of Evangelion Unit-01, Unit-02 and Mark.06 . The waveform pattern represents the synchronization of each EVA.


Newly Recorded Guide Voice by Maya Ibuki in Anime Series(CV: Miki Nagasawa)

Maya Ibuki (CV: Miki Nagasawa), the operator of NERV in Neon Genesis Evangelion TV series, is in charge of the announcement sounds of EVA2020 x Final TWS Earphones, such as power ON / OFF. These guiding voices are newly recorded specifically for this model and include not only Japanese but also English version. You can switch between the two freely. 



Solid Sound Engineering

Final Audio is a experienced manufacturer that specializes in headphones. On EVA2020 x Final TWS Earphones, not only the exterior design is meticulously crafted, but also the internal sonic design. High quality driver is used and accurately assembled to provide sound quality that is sufficiently satisfactory. With such acoustic and technical characteristics taken into consideration, Final has achieved a well-balanced sound that combines clear vocals with high resolution and powerful bass.


The Best Fit for Your Comfortable Wearing

Most of the ordinary eartips on the market have a shape that strongly presses the back of the ear canal and could cause pain after wearing for a long time. EVA2020 x Final TWS Earphones include 5 sizes of final's newly designed Type-E wireless eartips. Type-E can be softly attached at the entrance of the ear canal, so there is almost no foreign body sensation. There are 5 sizes, SS / S / M / L / LL.

Up to 63 Hours of Music Playback

EVA2020 x Final TWS Earphones have 9 hours of music playback on a single charge. With the charging case in operation, thetotal 63 hours playback time can be reached. EVA2020 x Final TWS Earphones come with Qualcomm QCC3020 chip inside and are compatible with both iPhone and Android.SBC, AAC and aptX ™ Bluetooth codec supported for premium sound quality. 



Bluetooth 5.0
Battery Life (Approx.): 9 Hours (6 Hours for aptX), 63 Hours in Total Including Charging Case
Battery Capacity: 2 * 55mAh + 950mAh Charging Case
Charging Time (Approx.): 2 Hours
Frequency Range: 20~20kHz
Accessories: Charging Case, Type E TWS Earpiece(SS,S,M,L,LL), Charging Cable
Colour: EVA Unit-01 (Purple-Green), Unit-02 (Red-Yellow), Mark.06 (Blue-Yellow)

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Love Neon Genesis Evangelion

Not only are they beautiful. They sound great and fit comfortable . Definitely getting all 3


EVA2020 x Final TWS In-Ear Headphones

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