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Feima 480N Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

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Low RPM Titanium Plated Conical Burrs

The Feima 480N is the grinder for you to brew like a professional barista at home. Thanks to the slow speed design at 630 rpm, the grinder can avoid heating up the coffee grounds and preserve more flavor notes. The 48mm titanium plated conical burrs provides efficient grinding performance and delivers uniform grind particles consistently. The grinder is suitable for any brew method from espresso to French Press and delivers a balanced and clean cup. 


Stepless Grind Settings

The user friendly rotary control allows for intuitive and quick grind adjustment. The mechanism also minimize retention and is easy to disassemble for cleaning.


On-Demand or Continuous Operation

The power switch of Feima 480N can be switched between on-demand and continuous mode. In on-demand mode, the grinder will start working whenever you push the start micro switch in the front with grounds bin or other containers. In continuous mode, the grinder keep grinding until the power switch is released.


Built-in Grind Slapper

There are times coffee grounds may stick to the chute due to static buildup. The Feima 480N comes with a slapper on the side of the machine for you to easily knock off the coffee grounds.


Stainless Steel Grounds Bin and Tray

The Feima 480N has a grounds bin made of high quality stainless steel that can last for a long time. The shape is designed for easy pouring coffee grounds into your preferred brewing equipment. The grounds tray is useful for collecting spilled coffee grounds and maintain the cleanness of the kitchen countertop. 



Speed To Grind higher than 90g/min
Rpm 630
Burrs conical burrs, 48 mm, titanium plated 
Bean Hopper Capacity 250g
Weight 4.9 kg
Dimensions WxHxD (cm) 19 x 41 x 30
Power rating 150w, 110V/220V
Country of Origin Taiwan