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  • Feima 600N/610N Home Coffee Grinder

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    Versatile Home Coffee Grinder

    Looking for a coffee grinder that grinds fast with decent quality? The Feima 600N/610N is what you are looking for. Feima 600N/610N is designed for brewing methods including Aeropress, drip brewers like V60 or other Japanese style pour over drippers, Melitta, Chemex and French press and is suitable for single dosing. The overall design of Feima 600N/610N is basically the same. Both have color choices of red and black and motors speed at 2200 rpm. The main difference lies in 600N being flat burr and 610N being ghost tooth burr. 


    Basic Flat Burr (600N), Hardened Ghost Tooth Burr (610N)

    While 600N and 610N shares the same motor and mechanism, the burr difference do makes different grinding results. The 600N with flat burr tends to produce flake-shaped coffee grind with more fines. The 610N featuring hardened ghost tooth burr, which is a deep cut triangular prism burr design, tends to produce round coffee grind with less fines and better evenness. 

    When it comes to brewing, the 600N makes coffee taste bright and layered with aroma emphasized. However, it is easier to over-extract and shows flavor defect with 600N due to more fines. On the contrary, when brewing with the 610N, the coffee tastes mellow and balanced with less sharpness. The 610N is more forgiving and oftentimes denotes stronger body.

    The 600N/610N is the most affordable home coffee grinder from Feima. If you need more advanced grinding machine, by all means consider the Feima 601N which comes with HRC 60 burr. However, if you are just starting to explore the world of coffee and need a decent coffee grinder that gets the job done, then Feima 600N/610N is a nice option for you.


    15 Grind Settings

    The user friendly rotary control in the front allows for intuitive and quick grind adjustment. The mechanism also minimize retention and is easy to disassemble for cleaning.


    Speed To Grind

    higher than 350g/min




    60mm Flat Burrs(600N) / 60mm Ghost Tooth Burrs(610N)

    Bean Hopper Capacity



    3.6 kg

    Dimensions WxHxD (cm)

    12 X 26 X 36.7

    Power rating

    150w, 110V/220V

    Country of Origin



    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Tyrell Bacon
    Too weak.

    I have problems with this grinder when the pod is full of beans. You can only grind a few beans at a time. And that's with the dark roast beans. Which I think those beans are softer. This grinder struggles with harder beans. I think the motor isn't strong enough. I'll have to upgrade to a stronger grinder in the future.

    Measure your expectations

    There are room for me to make improvements. Shim your burrs, align the burr group when you receive it. Loosen the adjustment knob to allow for finer grind settings. Capable of grinding many coarseness/fineness.

    Tristen Harris
    Measure your expectations

    I found my grinder to have a wide range of grind options. Try shimming your burrs and aligning the burr group when you first receive it. You can grind finer if the screw on the adjustment knob is loosened. There is room for me to make improvements