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    Final Audio B3 In-Ear Headphones

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    High clarity over entire frequency

    Distance perceptions among various music genres are different. Classical and jazz recordings are thought to be performed with emphasis on aspects of spaciousness, such as sense of distance, broadness and reverberation. On the other hand, rock, pops and many of the recent animation soundtrack recordings, spaciousness is not as highly emphasized. There is thought to be greater emphasis on clarity, which brings the various instruments and vocals to the front.

    Dynamic range means changes in loudness over time. If the dynamic range is wide, naturally it is possible to achieve a more dynamic expression of music. But, there are some types of music for which narrower dynamic range recordings are preferable to allow each of the instruments and vocals to be expressed.

    These preconditions are very important, particularly for earphone and headphone listening, and it has become apparent that the implementation of appropriate target curves and driver design result in deeper enjoyment of music. In comparison to the E series, the B series is positioned more as a model to listen to a specific type of music, and you might become so enthralled with it that you can’t do without it. This attraction is what Final aims for.

    Sound design of B3 takes both spatial impression and dynamic range into consideration. B3 was designed with particular emphasis on clarity. It caters to those who wish to have the delicate sound of each musical instrument delivered gorgeously even from live recordings, and enjoy tight vocals from animated soundtracks and EDM. B3 delivers high clarity over entire frequency range and beautiful treble. You will hear the delicate touch of a piano and guitar picking perfectly. In comparison to the E series, the B series is positioned more as a model to listen to a specific type of music, and you might become so enthralled with it that you can’t do without it. 


    The Feeling of a Customized Fit

    Superior earphone fit or not is determined by the feeling of pressure. There are products on the market with an ergonomically praised curved surface. But because the holding positions place pressure on the ear, fatigue accumulates over time. Final designed B3 to achieve fit with little pressure. Much the same as a tripod, a stable fit can be secured with 3 holding positions. This involves 2 main holding positions and 1 assisting holding position for the earphone to not slip out. In the diagram below, a total of 3 holding positions are shown. The green section is the eartip. It secures an earphone in a comfortable stress-free way. The blue section gently fits the tragus and prevent the earphone to slip. The pink section at the concha is the third supporting point. By clearly identifying the points of contact, more people’s ears can conform to a fit with no sense of pressure. The interchangeable silicone ear tips also yields a comfortable fit and a high level of sound insulation. The ear tips comes in 5 sizes  SS/S/M/L/LL. To make it easier to distinguish between the left and right earphones, one axis of the eartips is gray while the other is red. By tilting the earphones slightly and checking their color, it is easy to distinguish left from right even in a dim place.



    Metal Injection Molding (MIM) stainless steel housing

    MIM is a process by which powdered metal is mixed with a binder to form a resin in the desired shape and applying high-temperature sintering to achieve the desired form. There is a high degree of freedom in molding the resin into the same shape as the cast, making it possible to achieve a complex internal design even with metal. In order to achieve long-Life, repairable construction, the front and rear piece of the earphone is separable. This makes B3 easy to repair for long term usage. 

    Dual Drivers and MMCX Design with Kei Cable

    Final B3 employs 2 Balanced Armature (BA) drivers. No additional crossover network is applied. B3 adopts an MMCX connector and comes with high-purity OFC silver coated cables that provide a wide sound stage. The cables were originally designed by and are currently manufactured by the well-renowned Junkosha corporation for the purpose of being used with the supercomputer "Kei" due to their fast signal transmission speed. The insulator film is made from PFA which was also developed by Junkosha who used their extensive know-how through the JUNFLON® brand to create the ultimate in low-permittivity material. The outer tube is made from PVC for maximum flexibility. The user will experience surprising flexibility that both makes the cable extremely easy to use as well as reducing the likelihood of microphonics. 


    Ear hooks that alleviate cable touch noise

    The ear hook that Final designed has a smaller form. It does not utilize metal or resin wires and fit the ears of most people. The ear hook is slim and comfortable that you might forget you're wearing them. Cable noise – the unpleasant noise that occurs when the cable touches the user's body when they are walking – is dramatically reduced when using ear hooks. Soft, flexible coated cable material also help on this.


    Silicon carry case

    With this silicon carry case, the cables can be rolled up and stored easily. The earphones themselves are gently secured using thin dome-shaped silicon covers.


    Housing:Stainless steel (frost silver)
    Driver:2BA (Networkless)
    Cable:OFC silver coated cable
    Cord length:1.2m
    Accessories:Silicon carry case, Ear pieces (E type 5 sizes), Ear hook