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  • final ZE2000 True Wireless Earbuds

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    • Self-developed ultra-low distortion driver "f-Core for Wireless"
    • Internal air pressure optimization system "f-LINK Damping System"
    • High-quality, low-latency aptX™ Adaptive codec support
    • Custom earphone-like wearing comfort
    • Extremely comfortable TYPE E eartips
    • Equipped with "Single Ear Mode" function
    • IPX4 water-resistant rating

    The name of ZE2000 originates from the most representative classic wired earphone "E series", with the goal of creating a product that can surpass the sound quality of their own wired earphones. Not only inheriting Final's acoustic engineering and psychoacoustic scientific research achievements, but also using the most advanced production technology to develop the ultra-low distortion driver unit "f-Core for Wireless", equipped with the self-developed "f-LINK Damping System" patented technology combination, making ZE2000 a new classic that breaks the limits.

    Equipped with self-developed ultra-low distortion driver "f-Core for Wireless"

    The central area of the "f-Core for Wireless" diaphragm uses a special resin that is lightweight yet rigid to meet ideal diaphragm conditions. For the design of the diaphragm surround, another special silicone material that is soft and highly elastic is used, completely overcoming resonance problems without the need for a folded edge, and eliminating distortion problems caused by diaphragm rotation. With thorough reduction of distortion, sounds that are easily masked by other sounds can be heard clearly one by one. Moreover, the process of sound decay in the air can be heard to the end, allowing you to experience the feeling of the sound field spreading in space.

    Internal air pressure optimization system "f-LINK Damping System"

    Considering the internal air volume, structure, and pressure changes of the housing, the "f-LINK Damping System" adjusts the internal air pressure of the housing, ensuring that the air pressure can keep up with the sound frequency. This immediately solves the problem of excessive low frequencies, realizing a natural and unique sound quality characteristic without emphasizing specific areas.

    Custom earphone-like wearing comfort

    ZE2000's housing achieves stable wear through a three-point support design. The three fixed points are: ear concha, silicone eartip, and ear tragus, allowing most people's ears to wear comfortably without pressure. You'll find that when all contact points have no pressure, it's as comfortable as wearing your own custom earphones.

    Support for high-quality, low-latency aptX Adaptive codec

    Supporting high-quality, low-latency aptX Adaptive codec, in addition to SBC and AAC, it also supports the aptX specification which offers high stability and high sound quality. It's very easy to pair with iPhones or Android devices, and also supports Qualcomm aptX Adaptive low-latency codec with wireless transmission up to 48kHz/24bit.

    Achieving extremely comfortable wear with eartips

    The "Type-E eartips for true wireless earphones" are a softer, easier-to-wear type that can bring comfort with almost no foreign body sensation. By minimizing the sense of wear, it achieves "extremely comfortable wear".

    Simple touch operation

    Full-function touch control operation, easily control play/pause/volume adjustment/calls with a touch. The touch button is designed on the flat front surface of the earphone (the side without the brand logo) to prevent accidental touches when wearing the earphones.

    IPX4 water-resistant rating

    IPX4 level water resistance provides excellent protection even during intense exercise or use in harsh weather conditions.

    Small and exquisite, quality-focused charging case design

    In addition to the small and exquisite design, the charging case can be easily opened and closed with one finger, making it portable and stylish.

    Dual-color design

    Available in two colors: Matte Black and Ash Gray. The earphones and charging case made of lightweight resin have a surface coating that prevents fingerprint residue and feels smooth to the touch.

    Equipped with "Automatic Pairing" function

    Bluetooth connection pairing is initiated immediately when the charging case is opened. Seamless switching between single/dual use. When the earphone body is placed back in the charging case and the lid is closed, the power automatically turns off, so you don't have to worry about forgetting to turn it off.

    Equipped with "Single Ear Mode" function

    Simply put one earphone body back in the charging case, and the music will automatically switch to "Single Ear Mode" without interruption. When in "Single Ear Mode", dual-ear playback mode switches to mono playback, not affecting your enjoyment of music. (Mono playback means that the left/right sound signals are combined and played from one side. This function can only be activated when connected using SBC/AAC)

    How to wear

    Please check the L (left) and R (right) markings on the inside of the earphone body. Hold the earphone body and place it in both ears with a gentle twisting and pressing motion. If you feel the bass is insufficient, it may be due to inadequate seal of the eartips. Human ears usually have different shapes on the left and right. Therefore, the size of the eartips and the most suitable position may be different for the left and right ears.

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