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    Fostex TH616 Limited Edition Headphones for 50th Anniversary

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    Celebrating Fostex 50th Anniversary

    • Crafted from the esteemed solid black walnut, each headphone housing is a testament to the finesse found in traditional Japanese woodworking, meticulously shaped to celebrate Fostex's 50th anniversary. Craftsmanship is paramount, with each piece being individually assembled in a Japanese workshop in limited quantities.
    • The open-back design is inspired by the serene visual of sunlight piercing through a canopy of trees, with a nod to the elegance of Japanese art forms. Black walnut is chosen for its superior acoustic properties.
    • Each opening is precisely engineered. The precision-machined design not only upholds structural rigidity but also effectively eliminates the generation of modal vibrations, preventing resonance at particular frequencies.  
    • A blend of bio-cellulose fibers with other materials to balance low specific gravity, high Young's modulus, and high internal loss. These characteristics are crucial for accurately rending nuanced, high-resolution mid-to-high frequencies.
    • Including a free edge captures the essence of lower mid-range tones with clarity.
    • The magnetic circuit is exceptionally strong, featuring a 50mm driver with a remarkable 1 Tesla magnetic flux density, ensuring a broad dynamic range with minimal distortion.
    • Lightweight yet high-quality aluminum parts contribute to the overall premium feel without compromising on weight. The use of high-density resin in the baffle plate significantly reduces resonance noise, enhancing the clarity, warmth, and depth of sound.
    • Connectivity is versatile and reliable, with detachable connectors that are rhodium-plated for increased durability and corrosion resistance. The headphones come equipped with HiFC cables, known for their exceptional purity and conductivity, ensuring a flawless audio experience across the entire bandwidth.
    • Comfort is not overlooked, with premium synthetic leather pads that are soft to the touch and equipped with low-resilience cushions for unparalleled comfort and sound isolation.

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    Type: Open-back Dynamic
    Drivers: Φ50mm Neodymium Magnet / BIODYNA Diaphragm
    Impedance: 25 ohm
    Sensitivity: 96dB/mW Max Input: 1,800mW Freq. response: 5 – 45,000 Hz
    Weight: Approx.370g (excluding cable)
    Cable: 3m Y-type 2-pin (detachable connector rhodium plated)
    Detachable terminal: 2-pin (rhodium-plated on the gold-plated base)
    Plug: Φ 6.3mm gold-plated stereo standard plug