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Audirect Atom 2 MQA Portable USB DAC | Headphone Amp | for Hi-Res Music, Nintendo Switch

Full MQA Renderer in USB-C/Lightning Versions

Audirect from Hilidac has announced its latest portable DAC/AMP device, the Atom 2. It is an MQA-supported portable DAC that fully unfolds the MQA file to deliver the highest possible sound quality in Type-C and Lightning connector options.


MQA(Master Quality Authenticated) is a new audio technology supported by the latest devices. It packs the high-resolution audio data into smaller files, making them easier for streaming. Atom 2 is MQA certified and can complete the final unfold of an MQA stream or offline MQA file. With this MQA Renderer technology, Atom 2 can provide the user with high-resolution audio output to experience lifelike music just like you are sitting in the artists' recording room. 

The Atom 2 LED glows magenta to indicate that the unit is rendering an MQA stream or file. Featuring the ES9281AC PRO chip from ESS, Atom 2 is equipped with a crystal oscillator designed to provide best-in-class audio performance at 118 dB DNR, and 0.0004% THD + N. Atom 2 supports PCM decoding up to 32-Bit/768kHz and DSD up to DSD512 natively. It helps you rediscover your high-quality music.

A USB DAC that Integrates Beautifully with Nintendo Switch

Connect the Audirect Atom 2 USB-C version to your Nintendo Switch and use it with your beloved headphones; you will notice an instant and effortless sound upgrade. The Atom 2 attaches seamlessly to the Nintendo Switch with its unique lightweight form. Unlike other products in the market with long or short connector cables, the USB-C connector is built directly into the Atom 2’s body and won't hinder your controls and actions in intense games. 

The Atom 2 truly boosts your gaming experience, reveals the game's spacious details, and gives you the edge in a fierce battle. You may also use the Atom 2 USB-C version on Android phones or tablets to enjoy your favorite mobile games with spectacular sound. 


Extremely Compact - Hi-Res on the Go

The Atom 2, as the name suggests, is a very compact device with a weight of just 18grams. It is built with high-quality copper-zinc alloy material giving it a strong and sturdy build. The connector(Type-C/Lightning) is built directly into the Atom 2’s body, unlike other products in the market that have long or short connector cables to attach. It attaches easily to the source device and is easy to carry around with its compact form factor. Yet, the tiny body provides a big sound.

(*The USB-C version comes with a USB-A to USB-C adapter in the package. The lightning version does have the adapter. )  



Output Power

≥30mW (16Ω)
≥62mW (32Ω)
≥7mW (600Ω)

Frequency Response





≥118dB SNR

Sampling Rate

PCM/DSD 16-32bit,

DSD Support

Up to DSD512



Voice Call

for Android or PC


Performs MQA Rendering, which delivers the final unfolding of the MQA file.

Input port

Type-C / Lightning

Output Port






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