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  • Audirect Atom 3 Portable USB DAC | Headphone Amp | for Hi-Res Music, Nintendo Switch

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    Game Mode supports Nintendo Switch

    • Offering an improved audio experience. The ES9280AC PRO chip supports 32-bit/768kHz PCM and DSD512 decoding.
    • It adopts a single femtosecond-grade oscillator, paired with a low-power power management chip to reduce front-end power consumption.
    • Features Panasonic thin-film capacitors, ensuring more stable audio and better sound quality.
    • Provides a high-impedance output of 600Ω + 62mW, offering powerful thrust.
    • Type-C and Lightning two versions
    • Lightweight and portable design, weighing only 5 grams. 
    • The indicator light on the device changes color based on the music mode being decoded and its sampling rate.
    • Total harmonic distortion + noise: 0.0004%
    • Frequency response: 0.032dB @ 20Hz-40kHz
    • Signal-to-noise ratio: -119dB
    • Output power: ≥22mW (16Ω), ≥62mW (32Ω), ≥7.4mW (600Ω)
    • Output type: 3.5mm single-ended

    Ultimate Slimness - Enjoy high-resolution music anytime, anywhere

    The Audirect Atom 3 is named after an atom, hinting at its incredibly slim design. When using it, you can hardly feel the presence of Atom 3. The absence of extra cables distinguishes the Atom 3 from other DACs in the market. USB Type-C and Lightning connectors directly integrate into the Atom 3, offering the most sleek external connection.

    When paired with tablets, phones, computers, or the Switch, the Atom 3, devoid of any superfluous cables, seamlessly integrates with the device, occupying virtually no space. Intense gaming on mobile doesn't get disrupted due to cable movement, ensuring a smooth user experience.

    It supports in-game voice systems, immersing you more into the game and offering a more complete gaming experience. It's especially suitable for gamers as an audio upgrade accessory (Choose the Type C version for the Nintendo Switch).

    High-quality Alloy Body, Energy efficient, Auto Gain Adjustment 

    Atom 3 provides sturdy and stable protection for its internal components. The automatic gain adjustment and auto-detection of headphone output impedance make the Atom 3 versatile for various headphones, ensuring greater compatibility with different devices. Its low power consumption means longer listening and playing times than other DACs. It's a must-have for high-quality music enthusiasts or Nintendo Switch players.

    It effectively decodes and enhances audio quality, allowing you to immerse yourself in the meticulously crafted notes of musicians and the beautifully designed world of game developers!

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