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  • INTIME Go Mark II In-Ear Headphones

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    Go Mark II (MKII) Overview

    Go Mark II (MK2) continues the first generation's titanium coating technology, utilizing metal diaphragm characteristics to enhance clarity across the entire sound range. This model features increased sound speed in the titanium shell, especially in the bass, without compromising high-frequency details regardless of volume. Particularly suitable for enjoying bass and kick drum sounds in rock music, with deep bass full of live performance feel.

    Tsubame Sanjo Craftsmanship Titanium Alloy Shell 

    The headphones adopt anodized titanium alloy with low acoustic internal loss and high elastic modulus, effectively transmitting high-frequency sounds. Titanium alloy has extremely low acoustic internal loss and a higher elastic modulus than aluminum, allowing VST's ceramic tweeter to effectively deliver rich high-frequency overtones for high-resolution sound quality. Anodizing technology maintains material rigidity, preventing sound quality changes due to film thickness variations.

    3rd Generation VST2 Technology 

    Based on Intime's PZT piezoelectric ceramic material with excellent low-hysteresis characteristics and linearity, allowing for greater displacement of ceramic components. This technology especially enhances sensitivity in ultra-high frequency ranges beyond human hearing, creating a more natural soundstage.

    4th Generation HDSS Technology

    Patented by TBI Audio System LLC, this technology more effectively corrects sound and reduces interference compared to the 3rd generation, providing clearer sound performance. HDSS technology maintains constant pressure inside the earphones, effectively suppressing chaotic reflections caused by compression of sound waves in the cavity during playback, ensuring that sound waves of all frequencies operate normally on their proper trajectories.

    Original Hybrid Cable

    Uses intime's self-developed OFC and silver-plated cables, improving low-frequency resolution and sound separation. Provides balanced listening even with unbalanced connections, allowing users to enjoy a wide soundstage in any environment.

    Standard isep01 Eartips

    Known for comfortable wear, intime has further improved comfort by reducing the hardness of the earphone cap silicone, allowing the earphones to more faithfully reproduce original sound and be worn for extended periods.

    Technical Specifications

    Bass Driver: Titanium-coated dynamic driver
    Tweeter: PZT piezoelectric ceramic tweeter VST2 (3rd generation)
    Acoustic Correction Device: HDSS (4th generation)
    Cable: 1.2m OFC silver-plated + OFC hybrid braided cable
    Sensitivity: 105dB
    Impedance: 22Ω
    Frequency Band: 10Hz to 40kHz
    Connector: Pentaconn Ear detachable cable

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