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  • INTIME Kira Mark II In-Ear Headphones

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    Kira Mark II (MKII) Overview

    Kira Mark II (MK2) uses the same low-frequency dynamic driver as its predecessor, featuring a graphene coating. The graphene coating has high propagation speed and extremely high hardness, while being ultra-lightweight and highly rigid. It can suppress unnecessary vibrations and showcase ultra-high frequency sounds.

    High-Frequency Adjustments

    The Intime team adjusted the high-frequency characteristics of Kira Mk2, replacing the first generation's stainless steel front chamber with titanium metal, and combining it with the latest HDSS technology from TBI in the USA. The result demonstrates impressive treble performance and a wide soundstage, with particularly high clarity in female vocals, piano, and percussion instruments like cymbals.

    3rd Generation VST2 Technology

    The 3rd generation VST2 piezoelectric ceramic driver uses ceramic components with larger displacement, employing laminated PZT piezoelectric ceramic material with excellent low hysteresis and linearity. The 3rd generation VST2 significantly enhances sensitivity in the ultra-high frequency range, creating a more natural sound with rich overtones.

    4th Generation HDSS Technology

    The 4th generation HDSS® patented technology offers more effective sound correction than its predecessor. Sound inside the chamber doesn't affect the diaphragm of the bass driver, resulting in smoother sound and a wider, better-separated soundstage. The improved HDSS technology significantly reduces interference during playback, ensuring clear treble.

    Premium Shell Construction

    In addition to upgraded drivers and HDSS technology, Kira, Go, and Miyabi feature anodized titanium alloy shells crafted by artisans from the Tsubame-Sanjo region of Niigata Prefecture. The main advantage of this material is that it doesn't peel off and doesn't alter the earphones' sound. The anodizing process gives the earphones a noble and elegant appearance.

    Advanced Cable Technology

    The accompanying cable, using OFC silver-plated + OFC hybrid braiding, achieves excellent low-frequency resolution, realism, and sound separation. It provides a balanced listening experience even with unbalanced connections, allowing users to enjoy a wide soundstage in any environment.

    Product Specifications

    Bass Driver: Graphene-coated dynamic driver

    Tweeter: PZT piezoelectric ceramic tweeter VST2 (3rd generation)

    Acoustic Correction Device: HDSS (4th generation)

    Cable: 1.2m OFC silver-plated + OFC hybrid braided cable

    Sensitivity: 106dB

    Impedance: 22Ω

    Frequency Band: 25Hz to 50kHz

    Connector: Pentaconn Ear detachable cable

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