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    IEM Made in Japan

    Maestraudio, from the same company as Intime, has developed MA910SR as a follow-up to their well-received MA910S. The MA910SR incorporates head-related transfer function design and a passive ceramic speaker RST, achieving a natural and wide soundstage. Responding to user requests, Maestraudio has created this high-quality detachable cable version while maintaining the excellent wide soundstage of the MA910S.

    Maestraudio, from the same company as Intime, introduced their first product MA910S, which incorporated head transfer algorithm design and featured a passive ceramic speaker RST. This achieved a natural and wide soundstage, earning praise from many users who found MA910S to be high-performing and non-fatiguing. Simultaneously, Maestraudio received numerous requests from users for a detachable cable design. Consequently, while maintaining the excellent wide soundstage of MA910S, Maestraudio researched and developed a high-quality detachable cable model "MA910SR" with low contact resistance. MA910SR is a high-performance in-ear monitor developed by Maestraudio, versatile in function and suitable for various purposes including music production, music listening, competitive gaming, and movie watching.

    RST Technology

    MA910SR uses Maestraudio's piezoelectric ceramic sound technology developed based on a new concept. To effectively transmit high frequencies forward even in off-axis situations, facilitating application in compact IEM earphones, MA910SR is equipped with the "RST" (Reactive Sympathetic Tweeter) passive tweeter. Unlike Intime's commonly used VST (Vertical Support Tweeter), RST's sound production principle is to induce vibration by vibrating the diaphragm with sound waves emitted from the dynamic driver, thereby achieving a wider directional angle. RST uses a phosphor bronze diaphragm common in wind instruments, coated with a unique ceramic layer, possessing split vibration similar to cymbals and music boxes. Sound quality can be controlled by changing the diaphragm's size, material, and support method.

    New graphene-coated dynamic driver

    The driver was developed and tuned specifically for Maestraudio brand products. During tuning, focus was placed on head-related sound transfer functions, optimizing frequency characteristics for more impactful and immersive low frequencies.

    Finite Element Method Analysis

    MA910SR features an aluminum faceplate, which can quickly transmit vibrations within the earphone body, contributing to improved sound resolution and a rich soundstage. In IEM development, the characteristics of various materials are important parameters. Maestraudio used Finite Element Method (FEM) to conduct detailed numerical analysis for the selection of housing components. Sound emitted from the back of the dynamic driver directly hits the rear panel of the earphone and causes slight vibration. Maestraudio focused on transmitting this vibration to the entire earphone cavity housing more quickly to obtain abundant sound details. Therefore, MA910SR adopts a "aluminum faceplate" with a hairline finish, which transmits far more sound information than resin panels, successfully achieving higher sound resolution while maintaining a wide soundstage.MA910SR耳機面板採用樹脂與鋁材質對比研究

    4th Generation HDSS Technology

    It incorporates the high-performance sound correction device "HDSS" (High Definition Sound Standard) developed by TBI Audio Systems LLC. By embedding an ETL (Embedded Transmission Line) module in the earphone cavity, the internal pressure of the earphone remains constant, unaffected by temperature changes. It effectively suppresses chaotic reflections caused by compression of sound waves in the cavity during playback, ensuring that sound waves of all frequencies operate normally on their proper trajectories. This advanced acoustic patented technology is used to improve acoustic performance, provide comfortable sound playback, achieve natural expression with low distortion across the full frequency range, and attain a wide soundstage that is difficult to reproduce with small resin housings.

    Cable and Earphones

    The hybrid cable is made of silver-plated oxygen-free copper (OFC) and standard OFC, enhancing sound separation and positioning accuracy. The right connector has a protrusion, making it easy to distinguish left and right even in the dark.

    Detachable cable design

    MA910SR adopts Pentaconn connectors, renowned for their low contact resistance and mechanical reliability. Compared to common MMCX connectors, it can reduce resistance by more than tenfold, enhancing transmission efficiency.

    • Comes with four sizes of original ear tips "iSep01", which achieve excellent fit and are resistant to deformation even with prolonged use by slightly reducing the softness of the silicone rubber. Other accessories include a genuine leather cable winder and carrying pouch. Designed for comfort and better fit.

    • Japanese assembly for high quality: MA910SR is manufactured in Japan, utilizing high-quality craftsmanship from Gunma and Niigata, ensuring superior product quality.


    Colors: Deep Blue, Light Blue
    Drivers: 10mm graphene-coated dynamic driver × 1, 9mm RST (Reactive Sympathetic Tweeter) × 1
    Impedance: 16Ω
    Sensitivity: 100dB
    Frequency Response: 20Hz to 40KHz
    Cable Length: 1.2 meters, 3.5mm
    Connector: Pentaconn
    Accessories: Silver-coated OFC & OFC hybrid cable, iSep01 ear tips (S/MS/M/L), genuine leather cable winder, carrying pouch
    Origin: Japan

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