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  • INTIME Miyabi Mark II In-Ear Headphones

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    MIYABI Mark II (MKII) Overview

    MIYABI MK2, compared to its predecessor, has changed the shell material from brass to titanium alloy, not only enhancing the delicacy of its appearance but also improving its sound performance characteristics, making it flatter and more refined. The earphones are equipped with a graphene-coated bass driver and third-generation VST2 technology, showcasing pure sound quality. The shell is crafted by a technician recognized as a "Gunma Prefecture Master Craftsman," finished in tortoiseshell color, truly embodying the design concept of "elegance." These earphones are suitable for various music genres, whether it's melodious vocals or classical music that needs to be perfectly reproduced across the entire orchestra.

    Key Features

    Tsubame Sanjo Craftsmanship Titanium Alloy Shell 

    Titanium alloy shell crafted by Tsubame-Sanjo artisans and anodized: This treatment technology enhances the durability and acoustic performance of the titanium alloy. Titanium alloy itself has extremely low acoustic internal loss and a higher elastic modulus than aluminum, allowing it to effectively transmit higher frequency sounds. Moreover, the anodizing process prevents material peeling or falling off, ensuring long-term product lifespan and stable sound quality.

    3rd Generation VST2 Technology 

    Development of third-generation VST2 technology: Based on the company's developed laminated PZT piezoelectric ceramic material with superior low hysteresis characteristics and linear performance, ceramic components with larger displacement have been developed. This technology particularly enhances sensitivity in the ultra-high frequency range beyond conventional auditory range, making the overtones of sound quality closer to a natural sound field, providing an unparalleled listening experience.

    4th Generation HDSS Technology

    Application of fourth-generation HDSS technology: Adopting TBI Audio System LLC's patented technology, this generation more effectively corrects sound than the previous third generation, reducing sound interference and making the sound quality clearer. This technology ensures that the sound inside the cabinet does not affect the diaphragm of the bass speaker, thus obtaining a wide and soft sound field.

    Original Hybrid Cable

    This cable uses silver-plated oxygen-free copper on the HOT side and oxygen-free copper on the COLD side, effectively enhancing low-frequency resolution, realism, and sound separation. The design of this hybrid cable provides balanced system-like sound quality even in unbalanced systems, allowing users to enjoy a wide sound field in any environment.

    Standard isep01 Eartips

    Highly praised for their comfortable wear. To further enhance wearing comfort, intime has reduced the hardness of the earphone cap silicone.

    Product Specifications

    Bass Driver: Graphene-coated dynamic driver

    Tweeter: PZT piezoelectric ceramic tweeter VST2 (3rd generation)

    Acoustic Correction Device: HDSS (4th generation)

    Cable: 1.2m silver-plated OFC + OFC hybrid braided cable

    Sensitivity: 108dB

    Impedance: 22Ω

    Frequency Band: 20Hz to 45kHz

    Connector: Pentaconn Ear detachable

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