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  • INTIME Sora Ti3 EDTION II In-Ear Headphones

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    SORA Ti3 EDITION II (Ti3 II) Overview

    The SORA Ti3 EDITION II (Ti3 II) is the first flagship model launched by the brand, combining Mr. Watanabe's years of research in top-tier technology and metalwork, as well as the most advanced tuning component HDSS 3rd Gen. It can be considered Intime's most perfect acoustic crystallization.

    Key Features

    • Ti3 II adopts a Titanium-plated dynamic bass driver 
    • Proprietary VST2 technology with dual piezoelectric ceramic tweeters
    • Titanium metal housing
    • Remarkable low-frequency performance highly praised by audiophile market
    • Extremely clear sound positioning
    • Highly analytical, users can easily perceive every detail in the music
    • Balanced and natural response
    • Versatile performance across all music genres
    • Hi-Res Certified


      The sound signature is clear and delicate, with high analytical power. Subtle details in soft sounds are easily discernible. The triple-frequency response is balanced and natural, indeed having a monitor-like quality, but without becoming dull. The low frequencies have a certain sense of energy. While it handles classical music and jazz with ease, it also delivers excellent sound quality for electronic music, pop, rock, and even dance music.


      Driver Configuration: Titanium plated dynamic driver + VST2 + HDSS (3rd generation)
      Frequency Response: 10Hz-55kHz
      Sensitivity: 100dB/1mW
      Impedance: 22Ω

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