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  • Ken Kreisel A50 Main Speaker (Single)

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    Ken Kreisel speakers are pre-ordered products and are produced on demand. Items will be prepared usually within 14 business days and shipped afterward.

    While most of Ken Kreisel's products are based on the joint efforts of the entire R&D team, the A50 is something unique. It is more like Ken Kreisel's personal project. Before finalizing the current product line, Ken Kreisel added the A50 as the final finishing touch.

    The A50 is a miniature standard speaker that uses the same driver as KS500, K500, and M150. It is a small all-arounder capable of serving as the main speaker, the surround, and the height channel. It aims to popularize the classic Ken Kreisel sound to all people.  

    A50 has one 27mm low vibration tweeter and one 4" high sensitivity midrange driver.

    The beautiful exterior design and three color options are easy for people to appreciate and match different interior designs.

    Dimension: 236 x 142 x 160mm (HxWxD)
    Weight: 2.82 kg
    Frequency Response: 65Hz-30kHz(±2dB)
    Sensitivity: 85dB
    Impedance: 4 ohm
    Recommended Amplifier Output: 20-120W
    SPL(1 meter, 10 Secs): 108dB
    Drivers: 27mm Low Vibration Tweeter x 1 , 4” High Sensitivity Midrange Woofer x 1
    Cabinet Design: Sealed
    Crossover: Phase Focused Design
    Finishes: Piano Gloss Red, Matte Black, Matte White

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