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  • Kiwi Ears Dolce In-Ear Headphones

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    KIWI EARS DOLCE: A Symphony of Warmth and Precision

    Experience studio-quality sound with the KIWI EARS DOLCE, a warm and pleasant in-ear monitor featuring innovative membrane technology.

    Revolutionary LDP Diaphragm

    10mm LDP (LDPE+LCP) diaphragm combines low-density polyethylene and liquid crystal polymer Innovative composite material enhances membrane thinness, tensile strength, and elasticity Paired with powerful neodymium magnets for extremely low total harmonic distortion across all frequencies Optimized dynamic driver for audio resolution and tonal balance

    Sweet, Warm, and Balanced Sound Signature

    Name "Dolce" reflects its sweet, warm, and clear sound profile Excellent bass performance with deep low-end response Slightly warm midrange for a musical and enjoyable listening experience Perfectly enhanced treble at 3kHz, matching ear resonance Natural high-frequency roll-off for fatigue-free listening LDP diaphragm ensures more natural and clear high-frequency reproduction compared to traditional dynamic drivers

    Cutting-Edge Design and Build Quality

    3D-printed resin housing for durability and consistent acoustic performance Detachable 2-pin 0.78mm cable made of high-purity OCC copper Ensures transparent and distortion-free sound transmission Easy cable replacement extends the lifespan of the earphones

    Key Features

    10mm LDP dynamic driver for low harmonic distortion and natural sound characteristics Ultra-durable medical-grade resin housing, 3D-printed for consistent acoustic performance High-purity OCC copper cable, detachable for easy replacement Design focused on comfort and stability, suitable for professional and daily use 2-pin 0.78mm high-purity OCC cable

    Technical Specifications

    Model: Dolce Driver: 10mm LDP dynamic driver

    Sensitivity: 102±3dB

    Impedance: 16Ω±10%

    Cable: High-purity OCC cable

    Connector: 0.78mm 2-pin

    Plug: 3.5mm stereo jack

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